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Did you or anyone you know study the refrigeration engineer course at Eastleigh Technical College in the late 1970s? If so, BBC Radio Four is eager to contact you.

Paula McGinley is producing a new series for BBC Radio Four which traces a group of people who studied together at some point in their lives and then went their separate ways. The series will look at the twists and turns that take people from the same starting point in different directions.



The programme's researchers are already in contact with two individuals, Nick Petford and John Russell-Sanders, who attended the Refrigeration Engineering course at Eastleigh Technical College between 1978-79. If you attended the same course at around the same time, the BBC would love to hear from you!

Email or call 020 7765 5073.



The next IoR Cool Talks breakfast will be hosted by Dean & Wood at it's Leeds Head Office on Thursday 26th April.

They'll be serving coffee/tea and breakfast rolls on arrival! The free events will include a variety of talks on a diverse range of industry topics. Andy Kemecsei of Martindale Electrical will open talks with a discussion on electrical safe working. They'll also be talks held from Neil Roberts of Chemours on the options for replacing R404A. Steve Taliadoros of LU-VE will end the session with a talk on unit cooers and cold rooms.

The event begins at 8.30am on Thursday 26th April, ending at around 10.30am.

Further information and joining details can be found here.

There are huge growing concerns the UK is being a hub for the sales of refrigerant in disposable cylinders, an illegal container that has been banned for use within Europe for over 10 years. With growing evidence of contractors and engineers being contacted with offers of refrigerant, including R410A and R404A in illegal disposable cylinders, a quick search on eBay reveals vendors offering R404A in disposables. Some of which are also the source of listings on other sites including Ireland & France.

Since pressure from the industry, eBay has deleted some of the items insisting that any listings that don’t comply with its policies will be removed.

All the suspect listings are using images of disposable cylinders and others clearly state in the product descriptions that the refrigerant will be provided within these illegal disposables. It is still not known whether the product is being imported from outside of the quota system, however, it is clearly avoiding UK customs inspections and policing by the Environmental Agency.

With the huge increases in the price of high GWP refrigerants in the UK and Europe, the market has seen some individuals seeking alternative sources for the gas, and with the lack of policing of the F-gas regulations is presenting them with the opportunity to make large profits.

Established refrigerant suppliers are raising concerns about the purity of some of this refrigerant and its effects on both system efficiencies and reliability. Of much greater concern is that the current high refrigerant prices might encourage a reappearance of dangerous counterfeits with caused a number of deaths in 2011. Some of the illegal refrigerants now removed from eBays UK marketplace also included the CFC’s R12 and R502 from a source in the USA.

Bitzer has announced details of a new high-efficiency scroll compressor for air conditioning and HVAC applications.

At last month's Mostra Convego exhibition, Bitzer showcase the new Orbit+ models based on Bitzer’s currently available Orbit 6 and 8 series. These new units are equipped with a line start permanent magnet motor and improve the seasonal performance (SEER/IPLV) by up to 8% while also increasing cooling capacity by up to 5%.

The Orbit+ compressors can replace or be combined with standard Orbit models without redesigning the system significantly. The tandem and trio combinations are easily tailored towards system capacity and efficiency targets according to annual load characteristics and the customers’ specific needs. For even better capacity modulation, customers can add a frequency inverter like the Bitzer Varipack.

The Bitzer Orbit models recently introduced low-GWP A2L refrigerants, such as R454B and R452B and are designed to work with R410A. Similar to the Orbit 6 and 8 series that have already been introduced, the new Orbit+ models are able to operate with a frequency inverter at 35 to 75Hz while performing with a low sound level and low oil carry-over rate.

The compressors are interchangeable, which Bitzer says allows systems designers and manufacturers to simplify development work by using existing frameworks, footprints, piping layouts and manufacturing processes.

Bitzer has said they are easy to install, offer high energy efficiency when fully or partially loaded and have the lowest noise emissions in their capacity class. Energy consumption is extremely low, especially at low condensing temperatures, says Bitzer, where the Orbit Boreal series can be applied.


With countless mobile apps available, Fridgehub brings you the 10 most downloaded, must-have apps for refrigeration and air conditioning technicians. 

This chart has been put together based on the most popular apps downloaded from the Fridgehub App Store in 2014. The apps have been downloaded by refrigeration and air conditioning professionals worldwide and are designed for engineers who use their smart phone or tablet for everything!

To find out more or download the apps, click on the links below or visit the Fridgehub app store here


Climalife F-Gas Solutions1. Climalife F-Gas Solutions

The F-Gas Solutions mobile App, is a simple and educational application for refrigeration, air conditioning, heating and renewable energy professionals, to meet the new EU F-Gas regulation which comes into effect from 1st January 2015.

This application provides a calculator to check the GWP of refrigerants and determines the Tonne CO2 equivalent for the refrigerant charge in the system.


Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioning Fault Codes

2. Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioning Fault Codes

The Mitsubishi Electric air-conditioning fault code and error code mobile App, allows users to trace the significance of malfunction codes for Mitsubishi Electric air-conditioning systems.

This app contains the following functions; Malfunction code analysis, Malfunction LED analysis and Refrigerant disc



Hitachi Air Conditioning Fault Codes

3. Hitachi Air Conditioning Fault Codes

The Hitachi air-conditioning fault code and error code mobile App, allows users to trace the significance of malfunction codes and provides trouble shooting help for Hitachi air-conditioning systems.





Mitsubishi Electric Ecodan Heat Pump Selection Tool

4. Mitsubishi Electric Heat Pump Selection Tool

Mitsubishi Electric Ecodan Selection Tool allows you to calculate saving on energy bills when installing ground or water source heat pumps, what the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) will mean for the homeowner and the capital equipment pay back period. 

The app also calculates the two tier non-domestic RHI figure payable for ground or water source.



All-in-one Air Conditioning Fault Codes

5. All-in-one Air Conditioning Fault Codes

The AC Fault Codes is an easy to use application which provides information about Daikin, Fujitsu, Hitachi, LG, Mitsubishi Electric, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and Panasonic air conditioning fault codes

Instead of carrying around numerous documents of codes the AC Fault Codes app provides access to all of the top air conditioning brands conveniently in one place.



6. Brass Monkey Engineers Wizard

A collection of useful settings and messages for supermarket refrigeration engineers.

A basic application available on Android devices only, with general information geared specifically to certain controllers for one end-user. Covers a small section of controllers most commonly in use today, taking the hassle out of searching for information across many controls manufacturers sites.



7. Fujitsu General Mobile Technician

This application is a trouble shooting tool for FUJITSU GENERAL air conditioners (RAC/PAC, VRF) * It helps you to check air conditioner condition. Error code check, Trouble shooting and Sensor check are available.

*: Applicable to RAC/PAC models with new serial communication method, "model code with G"" AS*G--, AU*G--" , Models with old serial communication method are not applicable. For VRF, models V-II, J-II or later are applicable.


8. A-Gas Refrigerant PT Chart

The new A-Gas free refrigerant pressure temperature App is targeted at refrigeration, HVAC contractors and service engineers - providing them with fast and comprehensive data straight to their iPhone or Android devices.

The App covers a broad range of refrigerants and has been designed to be easy to use. The App enables users to select the refrigerants they most commonly use and includes essential refrigerant information.


Toshiba Air Conditioning Fault Codes

9. Toshiba Air Conditioning Fault Codes

The Toshiba air-conditioning fault code and error code mobile App, allows users to trace the significance of malfunction codes and provides trouble shooting help for Toshiba air-conditioning systems.





10. Copeland Mobile

The new Copeland™ Mobile application provides access to over 30 years of Copeland compressor product information for both air conditioning and refrigeration products used in a variety of HVACR applications.

The Copeland Mobile app provides on-the-go access to Emerson Climate Technologies Online Product Information (OPI) database for Copeland compressor specifications. 



Fridgehub, providing information and resources to Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and Heat Pump Suppliers, Contractors and Retail Business Operators

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Infographic:  A recent survey commissioned by air conditioning specialist Andrews Sykes revealed less than a quarter of office workers find the temperature in their office comfortable, with more than a third suggesting they take at least 10 minutes out of work each day due to temperature alone.

The survey included 2,000 office workers between the ages of 18 and 60 with the aim being to gauge how temperature affects people's workday. The results point to a general sense of dissatisfaction around temperature.

Only 24% agreed that their office was an ideal temperature for working throughout the year.

Now Andrews Sykes have put together a snappy infographic with the results of the survey.

You can download the infographic here

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Less than a quarter of office workers agree on temperature control


Grow your refrigeration and air conditioning business with fridgehub


The Fridgehub team have been busy working up a handy infographic which summarises the key dates for the F-Gas Regulations, the ban on new equipment placed on the market and the service and maintenance bans.

F-GAS ROADMAP from Fridgehub®

The new F-Gas Regulations will reduce F-Gas emissions by two-thirds of today's levels by 2030 and ban the use of F-Gases in some new equipment where viable climate-friendly alternatives are readily available. The main novelty and driver for moving towards climate-friendly technologies is the introduction of a phase-down measure which from 2015 will limit the total amount of hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) – the most significant group of F-Gases - sold in the EU and reduce their quantities in steps to one-fifth of today's sales by 2030.

This measure is accompanied by a number of new restrictions on the use and sale of F-Gases in equipment. These ambitious measures will build on and benefit from the successful phase-out of ozone-depleting substances which was achieved in the EU 10 years ahead of the internationally agreed schedule.

Common HFCs affected by the service and maintenance ban are:

TYPE                      GWPs

R404A                   3922

R422A                   3143

R422D                   2729

R507                      3985


Key Dates:

Ban on new equipment placed on the Market

01/01/2015 -       HFCs with GWPs of 150 or more - Applies to domestic refrigerators and freezers

01/01/2020 -       HFCs with GWPs of 2500 and over - Applies to hermetically sealed commercial refrigerators and freezers

01/01/2020 -       HFCs with GWPs of 2500 or more - Applies to stationary refrigeration equipment or it’s associated remote plant. Equipment operating below -50 deg C is exempt

01/01/2020 -       HFCs with GWPs of 150 or more - Applies to portable air-conditioning appliances i.e. hermetically sealed equipment which is movable between rooms

01/01/2022 -       HFCs with GWPs of 150 and over - Applies to hermetically sealed commercial refrigerators and freezers

01/01/2022 -       HFCs with a GWP of 150 and over - Applies to commercial refrigeration central plant with a capacity of 40kW or more that contain or are dependent upon for their operation, HFCs with GWPs of 150 or more - except where used in the primary refrigerant circuit of cascade systems, where HFCs with a GWP of less than 1500 may be used

01/01/2025 -       Applies to single split air-conditioning with less than 3kg charge of HFCs with GWPs of 750 or more

Service and maintenance bans

01/01/2020 -       HFCs with GWPs of 2500 or more - Applies to equipment with a charge of 40 tonnes CO2e or above (equivalent to 10.4kg of R404A), although equipment operating at below -50 deg C or military applications are exempt

01/01/2030 -       Reclaimed HFCs with GWPs of 2500 or more - Used for the maintenance or servicing of existing refrigeration equipment – provided they are labelled appropriately

01/01/2030 -       Recycled HFCs with GWPs of 2500 or more - Used in the maintenance or servicing of existing refrigeration equipment - provided they have been recovered from such the equipment. Can only be used by the firm that recovered it or by the firm whose installation it was recovered from.

Feel free to share the infographic with your peers and your network, please credit and @TheFridgehub

Fridgehub® - The online resource and information service for manufacturers, distributers, service providers, operators and consumers of refrigeration, air conditioning and heat-pump (RACHP) products and services has launched their new industry website.

Soles traders and businesses can now sign-up and register for Fridgehub, claim their business listing and receive promotional discounts for Fridgehub’s introductory subscription plans.

Mark Denton, Fridgehub Founder said:

Fridgehub is a game-changing online directory and information service for refrigeration, air-conditioning, heat pump, energy and environmental products and services.  It provides a platform for businesses and individuals to engage with the professionals within the industry. Engineered for the Industry, by the Industry...”

Fridgehub is for anyone involved in the refrigeration, air conditioning, heat pump, energy and environmental industries.  RACHP contractors, engineers and technicians from small and large businesses can showcase their services in the directory and access a huge range of member benefits by joining for as little as £12 per month, when registering and using our promotional offer.

Some of the many Fridgehub directory features include:

  • Search for suppliers of products by manufacturer, distributor or wholesaler
  • Search for consultants, energy advice, design services and installers
  • Search for local installers or repairs, by service, product, brand and location
  • Find F-Gas compliant and accredited businesses
  • Find companies and discover what their customers say about their services
  • Access to over a hundred education & training courses and their providers
  • Access to industry organisations and resources

To find out more visit

or Register today at

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Despite extreme weather conditions affecting many parts of the country, the ACR Show 2014 proved to be a resounding success.  The Fridgehub team were on hand throughout the 3 day show to take visitors through an exclusive preview of our Directory site which launches on March 3rd.

The buzz at the show was heightened by the high profile seminar programme, featuring packed sessions led by industry experts. Particularly well attended were presentations on the recent changes to the F-Gas Regulations, The Greening of the Supermarkets, and updates on the latest advances in cooling and heat pump technology.  Headline sponsor Daikin used the show as the launch-pad for the latest generation of its ground-breaking air conditioning system, VRV IV.

Giulia Draycott, Daikin UK marketing manager, said:

"The show provided an excellent platform for us to launch VRV IV. Our stand has been busy throughout, particularly on the middle day but, pleasingly, also on the third day. The show has delivered what we wanted to achieve."

The strong representation of hands-on engineers was key for many other exhibitors too. John Pritchard of Johnson Controls said:

"Our focus is on contractors and service companies, and we have seen some extremely good people – and plenty of them. Our stand has been busy throughout."

With changes to F-Gas Regulations on the way, refrigerant suppliers were well-placed to brief visitors on the coming changes.  With the long term phase-down of HFC refrigerants now confirmed, the focus in the trade and among end users is falling on alternative technologies.

If you didn’t manage to get to the ACR Show, you can still sign-up and register for Fridgehub, claim your listing on our exclusive Fridgehub directory and receive promotional discounts for our introductory subscription plans.  Simply subscribe by email to our updates at and we will contact you for an exclusive insight into our exciting new site.

The next show, ACR 2016, takes place in Hall 9 of the NEC, on February 16-18.