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Fridgehub is an information service for refrigeration and air conditioning professionals worldwide and a place where companies can register in our trade directory, share news, promote their products and services, generate leads and connect with their customers and our growing community.

Founded in 2014, Fridgehub has already established itself as an essential resource for business operators and consumers as the place to search and connect with trusted professionals who can offer advice or supply, install, service and maintain refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump equipment.

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Why Fridgehub?

Fridgehub provides consumers with peace of mind that all of the companies featured in our directory are registered with an appointed Department for Environment certification body in compliance with the regulations surrounding the safe use, handling and disposal of refrigerant gases. 

Fridgehub is a completely independent service with no affiliation to any of the companies or organisations listed on our website.

International relevance

Although UK-based, Fridgehub offers refrigeration and air conditioning professionals around the world the opportunity to register their company and share their innovations and technologies with our growing community.