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UK:  New low temperature chiller with heat reclaim cuts energy costs and adds capacity for process project.

Cool-Therm has installed a high efficiency low temperature process cooling chiller with heat recovery at a leading metal finishers, enabling the company to increase production while saving around 40per cent on its cooling energy bill.

The end user, which specialises in high-tech surface treatments for engineering, commissioned the new cooling plant as part of a replacement and upgrade project at its UK processing facility.

The new system is based on a Geoclima GHA low temperature chiller, which combines high performance screw compressors and EC axial fans. The chiller is used to cool acid as part of an electroplating process.

The corrosive environment had taken its toll on the previous chiller, and a temporary chiller had been installed until a permanent solution could be designed, built and commissioned.

An additional key requirement was to increase cooling capacity, as part of a planned expansion in production at the site. This required cooling capacity of at least 240kW, with a strict electrical load limit of 200A due to limitations on power at the site.

Cool-Therm Consultants worked closely with the customer on a design to meet the brief. The chiller had to supply water at -10deg C to a holding tank with very smooth and constant delivery, requiring very accurate pump and tank water level control.

A further requirement was automatic peak-limiting of electrical load to ensure power consumption never exceeded the site limit. The client also specified remote monitoring and heat recovery for use in heating the factory, as part of a drive to reduce energy costs.

3 D Air Sales is part of the HRP Group, with Service Centres providing nationwide coverage for distribution and stock holding of all Mitsubishi air conditioning and heat pump systems

Once the design was agreed, tests were carried out by a combined team from Cool-Therm and the end users, to ensure the proposed solution would deliver the conditions required and perform as anticipated from day one.

The chiller was installed in a staged process. The complex water pipework from the chiller to the tank, and the tank to the manufacturing process, was completed in a fast-track procedure over a long weekend to avoid any loss of production. To help meet the challenging deadline, Cool-Therm used a pre-insulated ABS pipework system.

The primary pump is housed within and controlled by the chiller, and maintains the chilled water level in buffer tanks with mm accuracy. Delivering the requirement to achieve 245kW of cooling capacity while keeping within the 200A full load limit was achieved through a combination of enhanced control and technology.

Rob Young, who headed the project for Cool-Therm, says: “We overcame the power limiting factor by adapting control of the compressor’s slide loading mechanism via current rather than position. This, coupled with the use of a generously sized condenser coil, enabled us to deliver the capacity headroom while remaining within the load limit.”

It is believed to be the first project of its kind with such a highly variable flow evaporator and primary water circuit based on screw compressor technology. 

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UK: Beijer Ref UK and Ireland supply partners recently celebrated the company's 2015 success at the annual supplier dinner held in Stockport. A popular informal event where the winner of the Mark Gardner Supplier of the year award is announced.

Before his untimely passing in 2012 Mark was the Finance Director of Dean & Wood and business partner of Beijer Ref UK and Ireland Managing Director John Billson who said " The award is a lasting memory of Mark's contribution to the business" Sauermann were the winner of the award for 2015 and one of the reasons given was that "Sauermann went far beyond the extra mile identifying growth opportunities for the group”

Picture: Beijer Ref UK and Ireland Managing Director John Billson (right) with Sauermann UK Managing Director Ernie Bate.

3 D Air Sales is part of the HRP Group, with Service Centres providing nationwide coverage for distribution and stock holding of all Mitsubishi air conditioning and heat pump systems

UK:  Cool-Therm, the expanding chiller and air conditioning specialist, has launched a new fully responsive website, complete with an online chiller sizing and selection facility.

It gives system designers, contractors and end users a quick and convenient way of pinpointing the correct chiller to meet the requirements of a particular project. The user inputs basic data for the application, and it produces a recommended chiller model and specification.

The site has useful new sections, including case studies on chiller applications in commercial air conditioning, data centre cooling and industrial process applications.

The company’s award-winning Turbomiser is featured in video form, with a  detailed insight into its energy and carbon-saving potential. Case studies highlight how the ultra-low energy chiller is contributing to significant savings in running costs in a wide range of applications across the UK.

There is information on the range of services provided by the recently launched Cool-Therm Consultants, which include TM44 energy surveys, F-Gas compliance support, bespoke design service, and advice on refrigerant selection and replacement.

Cool-Therm - new website Homepage copy

In additional to air conditioning for mainstream applications in commercial and government premises, Cool-Therm has a growing portfolio of projects involving data centres and industrial process cooling. The new website has an area enabling visitors to download brochures and press releases showing examples of recent work in this expanding field.

Ken Strong, managing director, said: “Quick access to up-to-date information and support has never been more vital in business. The new website is designed to grow and expand over time, and be as useful to use from a desktop PC as a smart-phone by an on-site field engineer.

“The chiller sizing facility, in particular, offers a quick way to make a chiller selection. We can then validate and confirm the specification, and make sure it will meet all the requirements of a project.”

To view the new website, visit:


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UK:  The first ever ASHRAE Section in the UK has been formed with Steve Gill as President, and Edward Murphy as President-Elect. The ASHRAE UK-Midlands Section is located in Central England covering the counties of Cambridgeshire, Yorkshire, Northamptonshire, Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Bedfordshire, Lincolnshire, Warwickshire, Staffordshire, West Midlands, Huntingdonshire and Rutland.

Steve Gill said, “Like many in this industry, I have been a member of ASHRAE for many years but only really became active when I was living overseas and joined the Singapore Chapter.  ASHRAE has such a lot to offer that it was disappointing that there was no local group in the UK. When I heard that Dennis Loveday at Loughborough University was interested in forming an ASHRAE group I was immediately very enthusiastic and keen to help get it launched.

“We were keen that the new group offered a meeting point without the need to travel to London. There are a large number of current ASHRAE members living in the Midlands area so it seemed the ideal geographical location.  The region also invitingly benefits from having a number of leading Universities so arranging interesting guest lectures and papers will attract students too."

Steve added, “The group is still very much in its infancy and we would like to invite more ASHRAE members to become involved. We are looking for committee members in a variety of roles to help us take this forward. The next meeting is on Thursday 8th at 5pm at Loughborough University. This is a great opportunity for UK ASHRAE members to become actively involved, perhaps for the first time.  I look forward to meeting with them.”

Steve is currently also President Elect of the Institute of Refrigeration, becoming President in April 2016 feels that this is an opportunity for the two bodies to forge closer links. Steve said “I am not the first IOR President to also be a member of ASHRAE but with the formation of the new ASHARE UK Section, this gives us a unique opportunity to work together”.  

The new ASHRAE Section was officially inaugurated in the summer at Loughborough University by ASHRAE Past President Professor Bill Bahnfleth and Professor Dennis Loveday.

Left to right: Yi Zhang, Edward Murphy (President-Elect), Dennis Loveday (Founding President),  Steve Gill (President),  Victoria Haines, Brian Sensecall.

Left to right: Yi Zhang, Edward Murphy (President-Elect), Dennis Loveday (Founding President),  Steve Gill (President),  Victoria Haines, Brian Sensecall.

ASHRAE, founded in 1894, is a global society advancing human well-being through sustainable technology for the built environment. The Society and its more than 54,000 members worldwide focus on building systems, energy efficiency, indoor air quality, refrigeration and sustainability. Through research, standards writing, publishing, certification and continuing education, ASHRAE shapes tomorrow’s built environment today.

To find out more visit

If anyone would like more information, please contact Steve at or Karen Chadwick at


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PRODUCTS:  Less than a year after its launch, a new transactional website enabling engineers to purchase chiller spares online has proved to be a multi-million-pound success for Johnson Controls.

The EasyParts website enables engineers to purchase major spare parts such as compressor rotors, valves and motors online. Top selling items like oil filters, sensors and chiller safety devices are all easily accessible.

John Pritchard, Parts Director HVAC & R said: “The aim in setting up the service was simple - to make it as easy as possible for engineers and maintenance companies to order genuine replacement parts for York brand chillers online. It has worked incredibly well, and we are pleased with the rapid take-up.”

Online chiller parts ordering has taken off with Amazon-type site for the refrigeration and air conditioning industryFor engineers, there are several benefits of ordering online. The site gives 24/7 access to spares with expedited delivery, important in situations where plant has suffered a breakdown. Orders placed before 2.30pm can be delivered next day.

Users can see real-time stock levels for replacement components, and the 

current status of orders, enabling engineers to track deliveries. It also provides access to order history and associated paperwork, such as invoices.

Importantly, the site uses photographs of spares to provide visual confirmation of the relevant part. It includes pictures for most of the company’s 15,000 active lines of stock.

John Pritchard, Parts Director HVAC & Refrigeration at Johnson Controls“We wanted to create an Amazon-type site for the air conditioning and refrigeration industry. This is now part of everyday life, and most people are familiar with it and comfortable using it,” says John Pritchard.

The site is underpinned by a huge knowledge bank, containing details of most of the components used in the manufacture of York brand chillers since production began. The database contains some 200,000,000 individual records, taken from the Bills of Materials (BOMs) for York chillers.

These contain detailed engineering data and component lists for every machine made. Chillers are identified with a unique serial number, printed on the data plate inside the chillers’ controls cabinet. There are believed to be around 10,000 York chillers installed in the UK and many more further afield across Europe.

The site is designed to be dynamic and grow over time. As new chillers are manufactured and installed, the knowledge base is constantly updated.

“We began with information on chillers made in the original York Basildon plant, and then expanded to include machines made at other factories across the globe. That process is continuing as we build the knowledge bank,” says John Pritchard. “It is an ongoing project, and as the database expands it becomes evermore useful for customers.”

Johnson Controls provides training in the use of the system at its Basildon site, or on-line, and will also be demonstrating how it works to visitors at the forthcoming ACR Show 2016, taking place at the NEC from 16 to 18 February 2016.

The website is located at


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UK:  Carrier Rental Systems (UK) Ltd, the UK’s leading temperature control hire specialist, has introduced full Building Energy Management System (BEMS) capability for its fleet of chillers, enabling chillers on temporary cooling duty to be fully integrated into a building’s existing control system.

The addition of BEMS capability to temporary chillers enables the customer’s existing BEMS to automatically control the machine and send signals for run, fault, remote on/off. It also allows end-users to optimise chiller performance for occupant comfort and energy consumption. It will particularly benefit temporary cooling projects in complex and critical applications such as hospitals, data centres, manufacturing industry and large commercial offices.

“Traditionally, rental chillers operate as stand-alone units, independent of existing heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems,” says Marc White, director, Carrier Rental Systems. “With the addition of the new BEMS capability, temporary unitsm can be fully integrated into a building’s existing systems and work seamlessly to optimise building control and energy efficiency.”

A temporary cooling system operating independently, without BEMS capability, may work in opposition to existing heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems (HVAC) systems, which can incur a large energy penalty and result in high running costs.

The company’s solution is to offer a new range of hire chillers with full BEMS connectivity built in, enabling them to be linked into the existing building system and come under its overarching supervision.

“Today’s buildings have intelligent, algorithm-based controls designed to integrate the operation of the existing HVAC system. The arrival of a stand-alone temporary chiller can have a negative impact on the carefully calibrated balance of the system, particularly as the temporary chiller is often a replacement for an existing chiller that is either being repaired or replaced – and therefore offline,” said Marc White.

The new approach addresses and overcomes this problem, offering end-users and building managers a significant additional benefit to maintain overall building performance, optimise occupant comfort, and minimise running costs and environmental impact during chiller rental periods.

A Carrier chiller with onboard BEMS capability was deployed recently as part of a temporary cooling project at a hospital in Northern Ireland. It enabled the chiller to be fully integrated within the hospital’s central building control and monitoring system, ensuring conditions were maintained within required limits for patients and staff in medical wards and operating theatres.

The company’s new chiller fleet with full BEMS capability is available nationwide for hire, for a variety of commercial applications.

For more details contact: Carrier Rental Systems on 0800 026 4717, email, or visit


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UK:  Daikin Applied (UK) Ltd has announced the appointment of Bob Cowlard as their new Managing Director. Bob’s appointment will enable the company to move onto the next stage of its development and growth following the April ’15 name change from McQuay (UK) Ltd.

Bob’s extensive HVAC industry experience includes UK distribution, leading European roles at another Japanese manufacturer as well as most recently the MD’s role at Electronic controls company Carel.

"I feel very fortunate to have this chance as it is one of those rare opportunities where the new MD gets to join an already successful business with an existing senior management team in place, as no one is leaving to make space for me, this allows me the chance to review the business and then focus upon the improvements that I can bring. Having Jim Henley leading the sales I know that these will go from strength to strength, so whilst not wanting to pre-empt anything at this stage, I do know that I will be focusing a good amount of my time at the manufacturing facility at Cramlington and also upon the marketing and brand positioning of the product range, both the current and the future development that we will put In place’’ Bob stated.

‘’No one needs to be reminded what the Daikin name represents in the air conditioning market and it is now clear that the same market leading approach needs to be brought to the Applied (AHU & Chiller) side of the business. To some people it is not clear what the difference between the two businesses are in the UK, in short, it is all about the sales channel and customer experience but I’m hoping that in the next few months that will become much clearer as the Daikin Applied offering is strengthened.’’

For more information about Daikin Applied (UK) Ltd and Daikin Applied Service visit


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UK:  The first UK installation of Rhoss EXP hybrid cooling and heating technology from Klima-Therm has been completed at the new Creative Industries Centre at Kingston College, London.

The three-storey state-of-the art facility is designed to offer outstanding energy efficiency, and houses the college’s programmes in art and design, fashion, photography, music and games design.

The new Creative Industries Centre at Kingston College, London.

The innovative heat pump-based chiller was installed by Lowe & Oliver, and specified by consultant Hamson JPA for its excellent energy efficiency and ability to provide simultaneous chilled water and hot water, linked to whole-building energy harvesting.

Standing for excellence in polyvalent technology, EXP is a new type of hybrid chiller heat pump and heat recovery system that automatically balances simultaneous cooling and heating demands, optimising total energy use and heat recovery within multi-compartmented buildings, to deliver maximum efficiency and occupant comfort.

It is a unique combination of three technologies: a high efficiency heat pump based chiller, an energy recovery system, and a sophisticated control system that regulates and optimises the functioning of the combined system across a building to deliver the lowest possible energy usage while delivering set conditions.

Predicted load profiles for the new college building suggested EXP would provide an ideal solution, given the requirement for simultaneous heating and cooling across the building for much of the year. The unit specified, an EXP TXAETY 2100 with cooling capacity of 105kW and heating capacity of 83kW, has intelligent on-board controls to ensure delivery of heating and cooling to meet the building’s changing demands with little BMS intervention.

The chiller has separate heat exchangers for chilled and hot water production, and unlike other heat pump-based systems these are connected separately to their respective hot and chilled circuits by dedicated pipe work.

Temperature sensors across the relevant evaporator or hot water production heat exchanger enable the chiller to sense changes in cooling and heating requirements

Temperature sensors across the relevant evaporator or hot water production heat exchanger enable the chiller to sense changes in cooling and heating requirements. When demand is for cooling only or heating only, the air-cooled condenser section of the chiller is used to reject or absorb heat as required, boosting efficiency and improving overall sytem performance for the comfort of building occupants.

Andrew Latus, who headed the project for Klima-Therm said: “The building design and diverse use lends itself to EXP technology. This, coupled with the requirements for class leading efficiency to meet the building’s green credentials, provided an excellent application for the technology.”

Michael White, who headed up the project for Lowe & Oliver, said: “We have worked with Klima-Therm on previous occasions, and they were able to provide comprehensive technical documentation and proof of performance for the EXP system. EXP provides a good solution in situations where there is a simultaneous demand for cooling and hot water, and particularly in a building where there is significant potential for internal heat recovery.”

For more details, contact: Klima-Therm, email, or call +44(0) 208 971 4195.


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UK:  Toshiba has expanded its UK distribution network with the appointment of Alpha Air Building Management Systems as a distributor of its full range of air conditioning products.

The agreement covers Toshiba split systems, heat pumps and high efficiency VRF air conditioning. This includes the manufacturer’s class-leading SMMS-e VRF system, launched last month, which perfectly complements Alpha Air’s focus on end user and specification sales.

The move, which will see Alpha Air supply Toshiba products on an exclusive basis, is part of Toshiba’s ambitious growth strategy to double sales by 2020, announced earlier this year.

Alpha Air is headed by Steve Shoubridge, a well-known industry figure with a track record in air conditioning distribution. After establishing a successful high-level building controls business, Alpha Air is now looking to combine its proprietary technology with Toshiba air conditioning to create a unique offering.

Steve Shoubridge (right) and David Livingstone of new Toshiba Air Conditioning distributor Alpha AirSteve Shoubridge said: “The Toshiba product is outstanding in terms of efficiency and reliability. The company is also leading the industry in terms of warranty and support. We believe a combination of Toshiba air conditioning and Alpha Air building controls will provide end users with a complete solution that will be hard to beat.”

Alpha Air is working with a number of national chains, including food retailers, car manufacturers and financial services companies, on the roll-out of its new approach to managing and controlling HVAC plant in multi-branch estates.

“The key is energy efficiency and sustainability,” says Steve Shoubridge. “Nationals have a number of objectives - they want to reduce running costs for their estates and cut carbon emissions, while ensuring a productive and comfortable environment for staff and customers.

“Toshiba’s new SMMS-e, in particular, is a star product that delivers exceptional savings, while ensuring the resilience and reliability required for high quality buildings.”

Alpha Air’s new building control platform, Hyperion, is designed to be compatible and easy to integrate with air conditioning systems and related plant. Installers can use its drag-and-drop interface to quickly configure systems, opening up new opportunities for the trade.

Alpha Air joins existing Toshiba distributors AMP Air, Cool Designs, CSD, DYSK and Hushon in the UK, plus GT Phelan in Ireland, and nationwide wholesaler Climate Center.

To find out more about Alpha Air visit


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UK:  Refrigeration specialist, Adande, has announced that the company and its consortium partners is to invest over £4 million in the further development of Aircell technology. Designed to improve the energy efficiency and operational performance of open front, multi deck refrigerated display cabinets.

The investment, funded by equity finance and a £2.1 million AMSCI grant will allow the company and its consortium partners, including refrigerated cabinet manufacturer, The Bond Group, to take the technology to new levels and meet retailers’ specific merchandising requirements in the UK and abroad.

Part of the investment is to go towards the construction of three state-of-the-art test chambers for the research, development and testing of refrigeration systems at the Adande factory in Lowestoft.

Part of the investment is to go towards the construction of three state-of-the-art test chambers for the research, development and testing of refrigeration systems at the Adande factory in LowestoftIn addition to the establishment of the research, development and test chambers, Adande will be creating a dedicated facility, housing CAD resources and a sophisticated computational fluid dynamics’ suite, for the numerical analysis of complex issues, relating to fluid flows and simulation scenarios such as turbulent flows.

Furthermore, the ongoing Aircell development programme will also have positive recruitment implications. It is projected that the establishment of technical and engineering teams, as well as associated management, sales and administrative roles, will lead to 12 new jobs at Adande within the next twelve months, with nearly 100 jobs created by 2024.

How it works

Aircell is a unique airflow management system, designed to improve the energy efficiency and operational performance of refrigerated multi deck retail display cabinetsAircell is a unique and patented airflow management system, which has been designed to improve the energy efficiency and operational performance of open front, refrigerated multi deck retail display cabinets.

It works by dividing the merchandising envelope of the refrigerated display case into separate airflow managed cells with small, low-pressure air columns. Each cell has its own air curtain, which is more efficient than a full height air curtain on a conventional multi deck case. The net result is less pressure on the air curtain of each cell and a substantial reduction in cold air spillage from the case.

Crucially, Aircell does not require back panel flow to support the air curtain, so it does not over cool and freeze food at the rear of the cabinet.

The key benefits of Aircell for the retailer

  • Energy savings of up to 30% and a reduced carbon footprint.
  • Improved temperature stability, maintaining food at optimum quality and appearance for longer to reduce the volume of merchandise, which may be price discounted or thrown away.
  • Significant tempering of cold aisle syndrome, which is the chilly and uncomfortable temperature experienced by shoppers in the refrigerated aisles of stores, caused largely by the spillage of cold air from the refrigerated cabinets.
  • Eliminates the need to fit physical barriers, such as glass doors, to open front multi deck cases, which can negatively impact on browsing, shopping and impulse purchases.

Adande Managing Director Ian Wood said, “Aircell has been successfully tested under independent laboratory conditions and a pre-production model has undergone live trials.

“Our investment plans and the AMSCI grant will enable us to accelerate the development of the technology to meet the requirements of retailers and original equipment manufacturers, at home and abroad.”

To find out more about the Adande Aircell technology visit


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