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A-Gas UK issue Statement on the outcome of the EU referendum.

“The outcome of the referendum has ushered in a significant period of uncertainty for the HVAC industry and the broader economy. The exact terms of Britain’s exit from the EU have still to be determined and are likely to take several years to complete. In the interim, it will be business as usual for A-Gas. The result has however, raised a number of questions from customers seeking clarity on some key issues.” said John Ormerod, A-Gas UK Managing Director.

How does this affect the F-Gas regulation?

“The F-Gas regulation has been adopted into UK law and therefore the provisions in it will still apply to the UK even after Brexit.”

What about exchange rates?

“We have already seen significant volatility in both the £/€ and £/$ exchange rates. This is likely to have an effect on the volatility of refrigerant prices as the cost of production is based on these currencies.”

Will Brexit affect refrigerant availability?

“We do not foresee specific problems in the supply chain arising from the referendum outcome. Our supply chain is protected by supply contracts and our own sources of reclaimed refrigerant place us in a good position to continue to meet our clients’ requirements.”

Currently, A-Gas say they are not answering any further questions on this.

Toshiba Air Conditioning launch expanded programme of CPD courses for consultants, designers, installers and end-users wishing to update their knowledge on key technical and legislative issues.

The focus is on improving understanding of system design and application of the latest technology, and ensuring clarity on and compliance with changes in legislation affecting the industry.

David Dunn, director and general manager of Toshiba pictured above, said: “As a leading manufacturer, a key priority for us is to help raise standards across the industry. An important part of this is contributing to the level of knowledge in core topics and areas subject to rapid development, such as new legislation and technical innovation.”

The new courses, which build on and extend Toshiba’s previous CPD programme, will be available from the Toshiba’s training centres in Leatherhead, Manchester and Plymouth, and some distributor’s premises as well as the option of the Toshiba team being able to deliver the material at customers’ premises.

In addition to courses on the fundamentals of air conditioning, there are sessions focussing on the application of air-cooled VRF systems, and the use of mechanical and natural cooling systems.

There is a course on the latest heat pump technology, aimed at those wanting to keep abreast of recent innovations and how to apply them to deliver high performance and optimum efficiency for clients.

There is also a session dedicated to understanding how refrigerant leak detection pump-down systems work, and how to ensure they comply with current legislation regarding refrigerant in occupied spaces, such as in hotels.

It explains how designers and installers can demonstrate compliance in relation to BREEAM credits, as well as conformity with British Standard EN378.

In line with the increasing attention being given to energy performance, there is a course dedicated to the practical aspects of applying SEER and COP calculations to VRF systems (in line with Part L of the Building Regulations, 2nd tier document). It also covers the application of the Simplified Building Energy Model (SBEM).

The full programme includes the following eight courses:

  • CPD 1: A basic guide to air conditioning;
  • CPD 2: A guide to legislation;
  • CPD 3: A guide to tackling a project using air-cooled VRF air conditioning;
  • CPD 4: Mechanical and natural cooling systems;
  • CPD 5: A guide to heat pump technology;
  • CPD 6: System controls;
  • CPD 7: BREEAM Refrigerant Pump Down Credit & BSEN378 (leakage into occupied space);
  • CPD 8: The Application of SEER and COP for VRF Systems.

Toshiba will also be providing an in-depth module on current and alternative refrigerants as well as looking at the impact of the proposed legislation changes during 2016.

For more details on dates and how to book, please contact Neil Hitching on 0870 843 0333, or email

Samsung air conditioning from HRP in ready for delivery

Marking the company’s ongoing growth Fujitsu strengthen their market commitment with the double appointments of Katie Ferguson as VRF Business Development Manager, and Joanna Clarke as Distribution Account Manager (North).

Katie’s area will encompass Scotland, Northern Ireland and the North of England raising awareness of Fujitsu’s portfolio of products predominately focusing on developing VRF with end users, consultants, main contractors, mechanicals and air conditioning installers.

Joanna will be working with the Fujitsu Distribution team covering the M62 corridor, North of England and Scotland.

Fujitsu air conditioners make double appointment of Katie Ferguson as VRF Business Development Manager, and Joanna Clarke as Distribution Account Manager (North). Stuart Eagleton, Fujitsu’s National Account Manager said

“Katie will be a real asset to Fujitsu, bringing a wealth of industry experience and local knowledge enabling Fujitsu to grow its market share and brand recognition in her area.

Nick Wilks, Fujitsu’s National Distribution Sales Manager said,

 “Joanna will be using her extensive industry experience visiting existing Fujitsu Distribution Customers to promote, maintain and develop the Fujitsu market share. It is great to welcome Joanna to the team.”

Both Katie and Joanna expressed their delight at joining Fujitsu.

Katie (inset left) saying,

“I’m excited to be joining Fujitsu General Air Conditioning UK to grow sales in Scotland.  It’s a great time for Fujitsu and for the region, and I’m really looking forward to helping local client’s succeed.

VRF is a huge market place in the UK and I am delighted to be part of developing that market in my region using the Fujitsu Brand. It’s an exciting opportunity to be part of such an important global brand as Fujitsu.”

Joanna (inset rightwas equally thrilled to be joining, saying,

I am delighted to be working for Fujitsu General Air Conditioning UK one of the global market leaders in our industry. It is an exciting time for me coming from a refrigeration and air conditioning service department as I do, and now progressing forward to work with a quality manufacturer in the distribution network.”

Ian Carroll, Fujitsu’s Sales and Marketing Director welcomed the double appointments, saying

“These two appointments strengthen our commitment to supporting our customers. Reliable product and great customer care are at the very heart of everything we do. The quality of these two new members of the team will help us build upon our strengths and core values”


Samsung air conditioning from HRP in ready for delivery

Beijer Ref AB (publ) is pleased to announce that the UK Competition and Markets Authority (“CMA”) has today unconditionally approved its acquisition of HRP Holdings Limited (“HRP”). The acquisition of HRP was announced in November 2015 and completed in February 2016. However, the CMA launched an investigation on its own initiative into the merger under United Kingdom merger control laws.

John Billson, Managing Director of Beijer Ref UK and Ireland

In reaching its decision, the CMA is satisfied that the merger will not substantially lessen competition Beijer Ref can now proceed with its restructuring plans for the HRP business, which has been run separately during the CMA’s investigation.

John Billson, Managing Director of Beijer Ref UK and Ireland, said that "we were highly confident that the acquisition of HRP would not reduce competition and are satisfied that the CMA has recognised this. My team and I can now get on and develop the HRP, 3D and HRP OEM brands".  He went on to say "I would like to take this opportunity to thank our suppliers, customers and employees for their understanding and support during this process."


Samsung air conditioning from HRP in ready for delivery

BREAKING NEWS: According to the Government website the CMA has cleared the acquisition by Beijer Ref AB (publ) of HRP Holdings Limited.


25 February 2016: The CMA served an initial enforcement order under section 72(2) of the Enterprise Act 2002 on Beijer Ref AB (publ) in relation to the completed acquisition by Beijer Ref Ab (Publ) of HRP holdings Limited.

11 April 2016: The CMA announced the launch of its merger inquiry by notice to the parties.

11 April 2016: The CMA said it is considering whether it is or may be the case that this transaction has resulted in the creation of a relevant merger situation under the merger provisions of the Enterprise Act 2002 and, if so, whether the creation of that situation has resulted, or may be expected to result, in a substantial lessening of competition within any market or markets in the United Kingdom for goods or services.

7 June 2016: The CMA has cleared the acquisition by Beijer Ref AB (publ) of HRP Holdings Limited. The full text of the decision will be available shortly.


Refrigeration Wholesale is adding value to your supply chain with Daikin

Howard Noble a well-known character and respected name in the refrigeration and air conditioning wholesale market has joined Beijer Ref UK as Director of Innovation.

Howard will be an addition to the existing management team and will be taking the business into some new key areas. John Billson Managing Director said “Howard is someone we have been keen to get on board for many years and I am delighted that he has joined us at a time of further expansion”

Howard has had a career spanning more than 30 years, having spent 11 years at refrigeration and air conditioning wholesale NRS, three years at Just One Call and previously six years at refrigeration plant manufacturer Arctic Circle.

Refrigeration Wholesale is adding value to your supply chain with Daikin

Air conditioning sales to small end users ‘set to grow’, as prices of premium splits fall.

The launch of compact premium air conditioning systems at lower prices is set to stimulate a surge in sales to small shops, restaurants, dental surgeries, offices and home workers, according to leading supplier Cool Designs.

The Toshiba distributor believes there is significant pent up demand from this sector, driven by the growth in air conditioning in cars and shopping centres, and the growing appetite for comfort at work and at home.

Darrel Birkett, managing director of CDL, said: “We believe the introduction of premium, fully specified compact air conditioning systems at new low prices will unlock demand from small end users, and could open up additional opportunities in the residential market.

“We are gearing up to meet this with investment in stock, focusing in particular on Toshiba’s new Mirai range of luxury compact systems, which offers sophisticated features and design at an unprecedented low price.”

Mirai units are equipped with advanced technical features such as dustless operation, due to a special coating on the cooling coil, a larger heating capacity and exceptionally quiet operation due to a 13per cent increase in fan size.

The wall-mounted splits are available in capacities from 1.5 to 4.5kW, and CDL will offer the systems on R32 and R410A. The company anticipates that initial sales will focus on R410A, with R32 coming to the fore in the months to come as end users learn more about its environmental benefits.

Darrel Birkett says: “Due to the competitive pricing, Mirai will give installers an important edge when pitching for small commercial projects where expectations of performance and quality are high, but budgets are tight. This is increasingly the reality on many projects today. Given Toshiba’s brand quality, and the fact that we will be offering a seven year warranty, we believe this could be decisive in such tender situations.”

As interest in R32 grows, CDL will add training in handling the refrigerant to its programme of courses, to ensure installers are informed about the differences and the procedures that should be taken.

For more details, contact Darrel Birkett on 0191 549 6964 or email

Refrigeration Wholesale is adding value to your supply chain with Daikin

Integral, the leading independently owned Mechanical, Electrical and Fabric maintenance services provider,  have strengthened  their continued expansion into the Industrial refrigeration and HVAC sectors across the UK with the a number of key appointments.

In the South West the team headed by Regional Service Manager Dave McDonald has been enhanced by the appointment of Lee Kinsey – ex IIice, as Regional Supervisor together with Kane Smout – ex J & E Halls engineer in the North of the region. Dave McDonald said, “This is excellent news for the South West team, the speed of development in the region has been surprising, therefore strengthening our existing management and engineering capability - which now ranges from Devon and Cornwall up into the Midlands is essential to ensure the continued success of the region.”  

Refrigeration Wholesale is adding value to your supply chain with Daikin

UK:  Following continuing business efficiency improvements and economies of scale due to growth, Toshiba Air Conditioning has announced significant reductions in UK equipment prices.

The reductions of up to 16per cent come into effect from 1 June, and are part of Toshiba’s strategic goal of doubling air conditioning sales by 2020. The new pricing applies to some of Toshiba’s most popular ranges of splits and VRF air conditioning equipment.

David Dunn, director and general manager of Toshiba Air Conditioning, said: “We have been working hard for some time to ensure the business is as productive and efficient as possible. I believe we are among the best in class anywhere. This, coupled with increasing equipment volumes sold into the UK, has allowed us to pass on these attractive savings – which in turn will enable customers to be more competitive and win additional work, and so grow their own businesses.”

He added: “This is a virtuous circle for all concerned, and will help us continue to build the momentum towards our own long-term growth objectives.”

The highlights of the new pricing structure include:

  • Toshiba RAS systems reduced by up to 16%;
  • Digital Inverter split systems reduced by up to 12%;
  • Three-phase Super Digital inverter outdoor units reduced by as much as 14%.

Even the company’s multi-award winning VRF systems benefit under the new approach, while associated products – such as some air-to-air heat exchangers – receive a 9per cent reduction.

Refrigeration Wholesale is adding value to your supply chain with Daikin

The company announced its 2020 growth strategy last year, and is supporting the initiative with the introduction of new products, increased stocking levels, new appointments, a major expansion in production capacity, enhancement of warranty terms for trained contractors and a global push on training.

Toshiba is dramatically increasing stocking capacity at its Plymouth facility with a further 44,000sq ft of racking space, ensuring immediate product availability across its most popular ranges.

David Dunn said: “There is a saying that ‘the future belongs to those who plan for it.’  I would add – ‘and those who work diligently and unswervingly towards their goals’. We are accelerating our activities on several fronts, to expand our range, further improve logistics, and build on our already highly regarded service to customers.

He added: “A part of this, the recent acquisition of CIAT, and it’s positioning alongside the Toshiba offering, is highly significant. It means we now offer a complete range of solutions for all building types, and all applications.

“It offers contractors access to a comprehensive range of technology from a single source, streamlining their own supply channels and reducing business costs. We believe that on top of our expanded portfolio and award-winning products, the latest price reductions provide a compelling offer.”

UK: Bristol based Space Engineering has launched a new CO2-based integrated refrigeration system that is said to offer impressive energy and financial savings for convenience stores.

Introducing the ECO2 BIS; an integrated refrigeration system built for performance, simplicity, and security.

The ECO2 Booster Integrated Solution (BIS) (pat. pend.) is Space Engineering Services’ newest, space-saving, 3-in-1 natural refrigeration system.

The ECO2 BIS is a high-performing, super-efficient, compact CO2 refrigeration system, and that’s just the beginning.

What makes it really remarkable is its advanced technology which recovers waste heat, turning it into space heating and using the booster technology it provides space cooling at the most efficient conditions utilising parallel compressor technology. This means there’s no need for separate HVAC heat pumps, meaning you can maximise retail space. This system is the first of its kind, and its capabilities are already making waves with some of the UK’s biggest supermarket chains.

Refrigeration Wholesale is adding value to your supply chain with Daikin

The unique configuration of the system provides impressive energy and financial savings. Energy usage in stores powered by the ECO2 BIS is reduced by as much as 30%* thanks to the system’s heat recovery capabilities and the efficiency-boosting thermodynamic properties of CO2. This means that the ECO2 BIS offers significant contributions towards meeting sustainability and energy reduction targets too.

Operating on the single refrigerant R744, the dual-temperature system is based on our tried and tested ECO2 Mini Internal system, which has been the system of choice for convenience retailers across the UK. The ECO2 BIS goes one step further with its integrated heating and cooling capabilities, whilst still letting you stay in control with refrigeration priority settings.

We’ve taken some of the best features of the ECO2 Mini Internal, and made them even better in the ECO2 BIS. Like its compact footprint, making it ideal for smaller and convenience retail formats where space is a premium. And it’s low global warming potential of just 1.

Tony Mills, Space Engineering Services’ Plant Manufacturing Director, said: “We are really excited about the ECO2 BIS development and see it as a major advancement in the convenience market. The use of direct CO2 space heating is a first for this type of unit, and coupled with high efficient space cooling and refrigeration cooling in one package, it makes the ECO2 BIS an attractive proposition for any customer looking for an efficient and natural solution.”

For more information about the ECO2 BIS, and to see how it could work for your business, CLICK HERE