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TAIWAN:  Police were called to a scene of a routine road traffic accident last week in Taichung City, to discover that the driver of this blue truck had fainted and rolled forward and crashed into a parked car. 

On closer inspection the police noticed the man who had collapsed into the passenger side seat had a hose line plugged up his nose. Following the hose police dicovered it ran to a refrigerant cylinder located in the back of the truck. Police then shut off the gas from the tank and revived the man.

The man explained that the tank contained refrigerant and that he inhaled it when he was stressed out, depressed, or tired. The man also claimed that it helped him with his driving skills since he was a delivery man.

Hmm! As he had passed out at the wheel we’re not inclined to agree with that opinion.

Police took the man to hospital where he was be evaluated for his injuries before seeing a psychiatrist. His license has been suspended for the time being.

No surprises there then.


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UK:  Carrier Rental Systems (UK) Limited has provided a temporary air conditioning solution for one of London’s top hotels.

When a chiller serving Kensington’s prestigious Royal Garden Hotel failed during a busy period, the hotel contacted Carrier Rental Systems to request a fast-track hire solution until the equipment could be replaced.

 “We pride ourselves on providing guests with the highest levels of comfort, and air conditioning is obviously an essential element of the five-star experience,” said Tim Walker, technical services manager, Royal Garden Hotel.

“It was a particularly busy period with full occupancy during a major international sporting event. A breakdown of one of our long-serving chillers reduced the hotel’s cooling capacity by fifty percent, and presented us with a problem that required immediate action.”

The hotel asked Carrier Rental Systems to evaluate whether a temporary solution could be provided, to supply the necessary level of cooling and quickly replace the lost air conditioning capacity.

Carrier Rental Systems fast-track a chiller hire solution at Kensington’s prestigious Royal Garden Hotel

Carrier Rental Systems recommended the temporary installation of two high performance Carrier AquaSnap® air-cooled 30RB 522 chillers, with rotary scroll compressors. These provided up to 1.2MW of cooling capacity to the hotel, fully replacing lost capacity from the out-of-commission unit with some extra capacity to spare.

With micro-channel condensers and high-efficiency variable condenser fans, the AquaSnap 30RB chillers operate with full load Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) values of up to 10.3.

Marc White, director, Carrier Rental Systems, said: “The scroll compressor-based machines have multiple refrigerant circuits, giving excellent resilience and a high level of assurance for end users in critical applications such as hotels. We were pleased to be able to fast-track the installation to ensure full service was resumed quickly.”

The AquaSnap 30RB chillers are equipped with stand-alone controls, and can also be connected to a building’s existing building management systems (BMS), enabling them to operate alongside other systems as part of a fully integrated building.

Carrier Rental Systems delivered, installed and commissioned the AquaSnap 30RB chillers over a weekend, minimising downtime and inconvenience for the hotel. Due to space constraints onsite, the temporary units were installed in the hotel’s goods delivery area.

Tim Walker said: “Although space was fairly limited in the vicinity of the chillers, the location provided a good solution. While it was close enough to connect into the hotel’s existing air conditioning system, it did not create a disturbance for guests thanks to the quiet operation of the temporary chillers.”

The hire package included all maintenance during the 10 month rental period, plus full emergency response and repair service in the event of a problem.

Tim Walker said: “The hire option provided a swift and effective solution that solved the immediate need, and gave us time to properly assess the requirements for repair or replacement of existing plant. In the end, we decided to replace the previous unit with a new Carrier machine.”

Carrier Rental Systems holds a comprehensive range of temperature control rental equipment at locations around the UK, enabling a rapid response to HVAC breakdowns. Rental periods can be as short as one day to however long the temporary cooling solution is required.

Carrier Rental Systems provides efficient, cost-effective temporary cooling, heating and ventilation hire solutions for a wide range of commercial and industrial applications. For more details, contact Carrier Rental Systems (UK) Ltd on 0800 026 4717, email, or visit



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INTERNATIONAL: The Global Fluorocarbon Producers Forum (GFPF), has launched an informational website in order to better communicate its objectives to key stakeholders around the world. 

The forum whose members include: Arkema, Daikin, DuPont, Gujarat Fluorochemicals Limited (GFL), Honeywell, Japan Fluorocarbon Manufacturers Association (JFMA), Mexichem, and Solvay, are the world's leading producers of fluorocarbon-based gases used in refrigeration and air conditioning, aerosols and foam blowing agents and are at the forefront of worldwide efforts to manage both the interests of the producers of hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs), and the needs to effectively manage their use while addressing their impacts on global warming.

Rich Rowe, Chairman of GFPF said, “The objective of the GFPF is to promote fluorinated gases as a sustainable solution in applications where their unique properties bring value to society and to provide constructive input into the international regulatory processes covered by the Montreal and Kyoto Protocols.

“The GFPF advocates sensible reductions in the use of high global-warming fluorocarbons while preserving the choice for consumers and manufacturers and helps to create a practical timeline to adopt replacement technologies that offer lower global warming properties.”

“The new website will significantly help us define and communicate our objectives as producers of fluorinated gases 

“It will highlight our participation in scientific, technical and regulatory forums regarding climate change, communicate the clear benefits that fluorocarbons bring to society, and represent our viewpoint to industry regulators, and non-governmental organizations around the world.”

This video from the GFPF features an overview of the organization along with sections that describe the value of fluorocarbons in everyday life, whether it’s enabling food safety through refrigeration, comfort from air conditioning, respiratory inhalers, aerosols for throat and nose sprays, and foam blowing agents for making energy-saving insulation products.



The website also presents the GFPF’s official positions on several key issues, including the support of the HFC Amendment to the Montreal Protocol governing an HFC consumption cap and reduction program; development and deployment of lower GWP materials while developing new, low GWP technologies; enhanced activities to stop illegal import of phased-out HCFCs and counterfeit refrigerants; and the continuing need to use ozone-depleting substances (ODSs) as feedstocks in controlled processes.

The new website can be found at


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UK:  With much having been written about the UK skills crisis of late and the need to attract more young people into careers in engineering, last month’s Big Bang Fair the largest youth fair of it’s kind in the UK proved to be a huge hit, attracting more than 75,000 young scientists and engineers, teachers, parents and STEM professionals.

A major highlight at this year’s event was the Cool Science stand, promoting refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump (RACHP) engineering as an attractive career path for young people.

The Cool Science stand had a prime location to showcase the RACHP industry and gained an incredible amount of attention with its eye-catching design and a fantastic range of fun interactive areas, attracting a constant swarm of visitors interested to learn more about the science behind refrigeration technology.

A common theme was learning that refrigeration is something most people don’t realize how much they rely on, let alone that it can provide an interesting career.

The Cool Science team worked hard to make the exhibits relevant and educational as well as importantly being interactive and hands-on. Engaging young people in a practical way is the best way to open their minds to careers, which they may not have considered before, such as the Cooling industry.

The Refrigeration Cycle #CoolKnowHow. The harder you pedal, the colder it goesThe stand featured ‘The Refrigeration Cycle’ (#BicyCool), designed and hand built by Dr. Ed Hammond of ECH Engineering. The harder you pedal, the colder it goes, and the large temperature displays above the rider encouraged some friendly competition! This was a great demonstration of a vapour compression refrigeration system; its components, the energy input required, and the cooling (& heating) effect.

Another big draw was the 2m video-wall linked to a hi-res Thermal Imaging camera. Showing off the Cool parts of the stand, the camera was also mobile, being able to reveal what’s hot and what’s not. This vivid thermographic colour proved a very engaging way for visitors to very clearly visualize the cooling and heating happening, from parts of the BicyCool to stand visitors and their hands fresh from gripping the frozen Cool Science sign.

In addition there was an iPad wall running an interactive Cool Science quiz (also available on the Cool Science website).

Other parts of the stand had slideshows about Fantastic Fridges, a new website for young people from the Institute of Refrigeration (IoR). Slides also explained the new Apprenticeship Standard for RACHP engineers, which was launched by the government during the same week as the Big Bang Fair.

Cool Science also received significant press attention, media coverage and VIP visitors. This included the Big Bang Fair official launch press shoot on the Cool Science stand, Associated Press, CBBC Newsround, TV’s Marty Jopson, and a visit from the Science Minister Greg Clarke MP.

Chris Vallis, Founder of the Cool Science initiativeChris Vallis, Founder of the Cool Science initiative (left) said, “The estimate is there are approximately 70,000 people working in the UK cooling industry - it’s a huge sector. We suffer from the same symptoms as the whole of the engineering sector, in that we have a skills gap, and I believe young people are who we need to be talking to, to plug that gap.

“We should be encouraging them to continue studying STEM subjects and making them aware that they can train in this field. For example, they can now take up an apprenticeship under the new apprenticeship standard from 2017 in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, which is government approved. We hope to maintain the momentum with Cool Science to continue this work.

“Hopefully after seeing what we have managed to achieve in 2015, industry support will grow to help Cool Science continue to move forwards.”

To find out more about Cool Science visit

To find out more about Fantastic Fridges Click here

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UK:  Mitsubishi Electric has teamed up with Green Deal advice service ‘Easy EPC’ to offer homeowners a full cashback on the cost of an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) and a Green Deal Assessment (GDA).

The six-month promotion launched last week coincides with the first anniversary of the Governments Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI), the world’s first, long-term financial support programme for renewable heat.

All Ecodan systems (outdoor unit and cylinder) purchased, installed and commissioned between 9th April 2015 and 9th October 2015 will be eligible for a refund of £147.95. This applies to anyone who has bought the system between these dates, and also had the Green Deal / EPC assessment carried out by Easy EPC

“Easy EPC has been providing GDA’s and EPC’s for over seven years and has already helped thousands of homeowners across the country,” explained Graham Temple on behalf of Mitsubishi Electric. “They offer a national coverage, and charge a competitive rate of £147.95 for both GDA and EPC assessments regardless of the size of building or its location.

Applications require documentary evidence of purchase of the Ecodan and cylinder package from Mitsubishi Electric and EPC/Green Deal assessment from Easy EPC, and both must be within the promotional period and for the same property.

To apply for this promotion a simple application form needs to be completed, this can be downloaded from the Mitsubishi Electric heating website and is located in the homeowners section.

For further details visit the ‘For Homeowners’ section of the Ecodan website here

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GERMANY:  Leading compressor manufacturer Bitzer has updated it's compressor selection software with a new online user-friendly version, which now includes the latest generation of low-GWP refrigerants.

Bitzer is the first compressor manufacturer in the world to approve and authorize the use of R448A, R449A, R450A and R513A refrigerants, approved for use with their Ecoline compressor series. In addition to the Ecoline series, the HSK/HSN series of semi-hermetic screw compressors can also be designed to operate with R448A and R449A.

The main features of the new program include the rapid calculation of performance data and a virtually displayed refrigeration system where users can modify various components as they wish.

New online user-friendliy Bitzer compressor selection software with low-GWP refrigerants

Users can also set individual parameters by means of input fields and thus easily evaluate the desired operating conditions.

Individual Bitzer compressors can also be selected and displayed within the system with their respective performance data. This provides users with important technical information, calculation results and individually defined performance tables for  the compressors, which they can then print out or save in PDF format.

With global warming potential around 65 percent lower, R448A and R449A are a suitable alternative for R404A. ECOLINE compressors do not require cooling through liquid injection, even in the low temperature application. All the refrigerants are allocated to the safety group A1 and therefore declared as noncombustible.

The new BITZER selection software 6.4.3 is now available as an online version at

You can download the software to your desktop PC here.

Download the Bitzer refrigerant referance from our app store which now includes new low-GWP refrigerants - Download here.


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CHINA:  A thief from China surrendered to police after being trapped in a 60-hour stand-off three storeys up on an air conditioning unit.

Local reports say the man desperate to evade capture climbed out onto the air conditioning unit remaining there for two and half days.

Footage taken in Guangdong Province of China, shows the man who was allegedly stealing cabling sitting on the unit finally accepting defeat after getting muscle cramp in his legs.

Unconfirmed reports say that the man may only have given himself up after the apartments local air conditioning engineer, seen shouting up to the man, asked if he could maybe carry out maintenance on the units whilst he was up there.


Police say the man is a known wire thief who has tried to hurt himself to avoid arrest on two separate occasions. He is currently in custody for theft.



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UK:  A group of building services students gained a unique insight into the vast hvac system serving the internationally renowned First Direct Arena (formerly Leeds Arena), as part of an event sponsored by Toshiba distributor Cool Solutions Distribution.

The visit, organized by CIBSE Yorkshire Region Young Engineers, gave behind-the-scenes access to the plant and design philosophy at the 13,500 seating capacity arena, including plant rooms, upper level gantries and air handling systems.

The building is the first in the UK to have a fan-shaped orientation. This, coupled with the sheer scale of the main auditorium and related facilities, posed an interesting challenge to the building services designers, Arup Leeds, and M&E contractor Rotary.

The 35-strong group of young engineers from Leeds College of Building and Leeds Metropolitan University were given a briefing on the design of the services and their implementation by key members of the design and contracting project teams.

Tour group in the main auditorium

The CPD-linked event was designed to pass on valuable knowledge and expertise gained in the execution of one of the largest projects to be undertaken in the region for many years.

Leading the tour was Blyth Davies, project engineer at Rotary International Ltd, who was project manager for the installation. A technical seminar was led by Rob Gill of Yonder Consulting, responsible for Part L compliance and modelling for the site. And an insight into the design of air handling plant was provided by Wes Campbell, technical director at Air Handling Systems Ltd.

Chris Tunningly, curriculum manager for Building Services at Leeds College of Building, said: “It was an excellent opportunity for our HNC Building Services Engineering students to gain experience of a real project, and on a grand scale.

Tour group in the main auditorium

“It highlighted the challenges encountered by the M&E design team for such an unusual venue, and included a CPD session on the installation and a guided tour around the arena looking at plant rooms, electrical systems, Air Handling Units and associated equipment.”

He added: “The staff who hosted the event were extremely knowledgeable and able to answer all the students questions. Our students found the experience very useful and helped them to relate college work to a real installation. Overall it was very enjoyable visit, which I would thoroughly recommend.”


Andrew Keegan, sales manager at CSD and one of the organisers of the event, said: “The aim was to provide young building services engineers with a first-hand insight into the thinking and processes behind the design and installation of such a major project. The superb venue combined with the excellent speakers made it a quite unique experience for those who took part.

“Thanks go in particular to David Richardson at Rotary for coordinating the event with the arena.”



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USA:  With the use of flammable refrigerants set to become more widely used, the U.S. Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI) has set up a subcommittee to conduct a review of the safety issues surrounding refrigerants that ASHRAE designates as 2L, or mildly flammable, and share the results with regulators and standard developers.

An A2L classification indicates that the substance has low toxicity and burns at a velocity no greater than 10 centimetres or 3.9 inches per second, while B2L refrigerants — typically ammonia — are mildly flammable, but highly toxic. Other hydrocarbon-based low-GWP refrigerants such as propane or iso-butane are classified A3, or highly flammable, and burn many times faster.

Xudong Wang, AHRI’s director of research says “The industry needs to develop a complete list of research needs in order to provide the scientific results necessary to support the safe use of flammable refrigerants in the future.

“AHRI will play an important role by establishing collaboration within the industry and among relevant organizations, and by conducting research and publishing relevant results.”

The subcommittee includes representatives from the refrigeration and air conditioning industry, the commercial and residential buildings sectors, and flammability experts.

About AHRI

The Air-Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI) is the trade association representing manufacturers of air conditioning, heating, commercial refrigeration, and water heating equipment. 

AUSTRALIA:  Australia’s largest wholesaler of refrigeration and air conditioning parts Actrol, has been fined $520,000 for falsely blaming refrigerant price increases on the carbon tax.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission's (ACCC) says Actrol made false representations in a letter posted on its website and sent out to around 8,000 customers as the carbon tax came into effect in July 2012.

Actrol increased the price between 100 per cent and nearly 300 per cent of several hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) refrigerants, telling customers the rise was due to the carbon tax, changes in input costs and general market conditions.

ACCC chairman Rod Sims said “Actrol had built a large stockpile of the gases before the tax was introduced.

"At the time the carbon tax came in, having insulated itself from the effect of the carbon tax, it then increased its prices by very large amounts and suggested it was due to cost increases when in fact it was largely all about increasing their margin.

"So they gave the impression to consumers that it was to cover the cost of the carbon tax when in fact it wasn't.

Mr Sims says the fine is a significant deterrence, given Actrol posted revenue of around $250 million last financial year.

Mr Sims said it is the commission's final case related to the beginning of the tax, with the focus now on ensuring companies lowered their prices again when it was phased out.