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UK:  Toshiba Air Conditioning recently joined forces with installer BL Refrigeration to host a two-day training event for consultants at Toshiba’s new state-of-the-art training centre in Manchester.

The event attended by staff from three Belfast-based leading consultants, Arup, Cogan & Shackleton, and WYG, was to provide an update on Toshiba’s expanding range of systems and control technology, and develop the joint hosts’ support for key specifiers in the Belfast and wider region.

The programme included hands-on demonstrations of the latest working systems, plus a tour of Toshiba's new web-based equipment selection and technical support tools. These include a SEER/SCOP calculation package, refrigerant charge and fault code identification software.

Delegates receive practical demonstration on Toshiba Air Conditioning technologyTraining on Toshiba's CIBSE-approved BREEAM and EN378 compliance CPD modules were also provided, earning attendees credits for continuing professional development.

Delegates were given a live demonstration of Toshiba's award-winning refrigerant leak detection, isolation and pump down system, which provides total assurance for end users and building occupants.

Keith Elliott, BL technical director, said: “The two-day event was well organised and offered attendees a useful and informative programme. The mix of presentations and interactive, hands-on elements was particularly appreciated.”

David Willis, BL sales manager, said: “Toshiba has done an excellent job in establishing its new air conditioning training network, and the Manchester facility must rate as one of the jewels in their crown.

“It offers a superb facility to showcase the company’s technology and train people in its use and specification.”

The combined network of 13 Toshiba training centres have the capacity to train some 2,000 engineers each year, making Toshiba one of the largest air conditioning training providers in the UK.


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SHANGHAI:  Stephen Gill’s social media campaign extolling the too often overlooked virtues and benefits of refrigeration is continuing to receive accolades from around the world.

The campaign having already received a number of awards in the UK and Middle East has now received recognition on an even grander scale at the aptly named Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards; considered to be one of the world’s premier business awards.

The campaign has won Gold Awards in the Low Budget Communications/PR Campaign and the Small-Budget Marketing Campaign of the Year categories and Silver Awards in the Social Media Focused Communications/PR Campaign and Online Marketing Campaign of the Year.

Stephen Gill president-elect of the UK’s Institute of Refrigeration commented on the campaigns latest success by saying, “I am absolutely delighted by our success at the Awards.  Two Gold and two Silvers is unimaginable. The simplicity of the posters combined with their important message was the winning factor. Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning is used globally, but its importance is equally overlooked.

“The competition in the region is huge and must confess to being in awe of some of the giants in the business world that also featured in the same Award categories.  It makes being honoured with the awards all the more fantastic.  RACHP has staked its claim on one of the world’s biggest stages.

“In the Asia-Pacific region many of the big successful cities such as Singapore would not be what they are today without RACHP technology. The late Prime minister of Singapore, Lee Quan Yew hailed Air-conditioning as one of mankind’s greatest inventions.”

Nicknamed the Stevie’s for the Greek word for “crowned,” the awards will be presented to winners at a gala banquet at the InterContinental Hotel in Shanghai, China on 5 June.  

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UK:  For refrigeration and air conditioning wholesaler FSW, 2015 marks the 50th Anniversary since the original Fridge Spares business was set up in Dublin.

The Company, formed in 1965 by two brothers, Dessie and Brendon Byrne, initially as a distributor of Craig Nicol cases, is still a family owned business with Des’s son Dermot Byrne taking over as Chairman and his brother Derek as General Manager of the Ireland operation.

Today the Company has grown to become one of the largest specialist refrigeration and air conditioning wholesalers in the UK & Ireland.

With a turnover in excess of 75m Euros the business has 3 branches in Ireland, together with the 24 branch FSW wholesale business in the UK, Just One Call Ltd, NRWfm Ltd, ESP Ltd and Beacon Engineering Ltd.

To mark their 50th Anniversary Celebrations FSW is introducing its’ ‘Golden Rewards’ Programme, awarding points for particular product purchases from April through to the end of October 2015 designed to say thank you to customers who have been loyal to the Company.

Commercial Director, Mark Henderson, announcing the Scheme, said “ Our Chairman, Dermot Byrne wanted to do something that benefits all of our customers, large and small, and involved as many of our major supply partners as possible.

The Golden Rewards Scheme

View or download the FSW Golden Rewards Brochure

Customers will receive 1 point for every £1 spent which can be exchanged for a variety of products and experiences.

All customers can participate and the prizes range from a £25 Amazon voucher up to the Playstation PS4 and Apple iPhone 6.

Alternatively points can be cashed in for a Red Letter Day or a holiday from Superbreak.

The scheme is being sponsored by the Company’s leading suppliers: A-Gas, Fujitsu, Pumphouse, Mitsubishi Electric, Searle, J&E Hall, Tecumseh, Danfoss, Aspen, Advanced Engineering, MKM & Lawton Tubes.

Purchases of the Sponsors products are all included in the Programme at different times of the year.

With these market leading Companies there is a whole range of products in the programme including air conditioning equipment, copper and insulation, tools, refrigerant and industrial gases, condensing units and coolers – in fact something for every contractor.

New and existing customers can register for the reward scheme here

Other promotions will be announced shortly.

About the FSW Group

FSW is a leading provider of spares for the retail sector through its’ Just One Call & NRWfm subsidiaries supplying refrigeration contractors to all the major retailers including Asda, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Morrison’s, Marks & Spencer, Aldi, Co-Op, and Lidl.

Beacon manufacture bespoke commercial refrigeration & air conditioning equipment with a range from housed condensing units up to multi compressor scroll, reciprocating and screw packs.

The business is completed by ESP (Equipment Spare Parts), the UK’s largest specialist supplier of cabinet spare parts carrying a unique product portfolio.



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UK:  Williams Advanced Engineering, the division of Williams that commercialises Formula One derived technology and knowhow, has collaborated with UK start-up Aerofoil Energy to develop a new aerodynamic device that can significantly reduce the energy consumed by refrigerators in supermarkets and convenience stores.

Energy consumption makes up a significant percentage of a supermarket’s operational costs, with energy hungry refrigerators that keep the produce cool the largest consumer of power. Open fronted multi deck refrigerators that line the aisles of supermarkets consume excessive energy, with some of the cold air used to cool produce spilling out into the aisles resulting in increased energy consumption and “cold aisle syndrome” which can be unpleasant for shoppers. 

Sainsbury's turbo boosts Fridges with F1 technology

Aerofoils are carefully designed and engineered profiles that control the direction of air flow. Aerofoil Energy and Williams are developing a new retrofittable aerofoil system that attaches onto each refrigerator shelf to keep more of the cool air inside the refrigerator cabinet. This innovative technology will result in significant energy savings for supermarkets and convenience stores, with corresponding benefits for their carbon footprint. The technology will also make the shopping experience more pleasant for consumers.

Aerofoil Energy are working closely with Williams to refine the aerofoil concept, utilising Williams’ proven expertise in aerodynamic design and testing from four decades of success in Formula One racing. Williams’ Advanced Engineering division is using computational fluid dynamics to model and simulate new designs before testing them at the Williams factory in Oxfordshire.

A number of supermarkets are evaluating the aerofoil technology with promising results. Sainsbury’s, the UK’s second largest supermarket chain, has been testing the product at a number of its stores. Sainsbury’s operates 1,100 stores and uses 1% of the UK’s energy in total. As part of its 20x20 Sustainability Plan, Sainsbury’s has committed to reducing its absolute operational carbon emissions by 30% by 2020 and this technology can play a key role in achieving this target.  

Speaking about the trial John Skelton, Senior Engineering Delivery Manager at Sainsbury's said; “We’re proud to be giving our fridges a turbo boost with this fantastic aerodynamic technology. Aerofoils help the airflow around Formula One cars and can improve their performance – and that’s exactly how they help the fridges in our stores, by keeping the cold air in. This Formula One inspired innovation has already shown it can cut carbon produced by major refrigerators.”

craig wilson, managing director of williams advanced engineeringCraig Wilson, Managing Director of Williams Advanced Engineering, added; “Williams Advanced Engineering’s mantra is to take the best of Formula One technology and knowhow and work with a range of industries to help improve their products and services. Much of our work focuses on improving energy efficiency and the collaboration with Aerofoil Energy is a perfect example of how Formula One innovations can have a tangible benefit to ordinary people and the environment. This technology has global potential and the savings in operational costs and emissions are extremely promising.”


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USA:  Californian-based start up Axion Exergy has developed a “Refrigeration Battery,” claiming that it can slash refrigeration-running costs and keep refrigerated food from spoiling during a power outage.

Unlike conventional batteries the “Refrigeration Battery” stores cooling by freezing a tank of water with common additives at night when electricity is inexpensive. Then, it uses the frozen tanks to provide cooling during afternoon peak hours when electricity is expensive, enabling compressors and condensers to be turned off reducing demand by up to 40 per cent.

Amrit Robbins, president of Axiom Exergy said “"Supermarkets and cold-storage facilities must keep perishable food at a constant temperature around the clock, which means they must run power-hungry refrigeration equipment even when electricity prices skyrocket during the peak hours of the afternoon. Until now, this has been a huge, unavoidable cost that erodes their razor-thin profit margins — that's where we come in.

Smart Battery turns Refrigeration Systems into energy storage assets

"Our technology offers a significantly lower installed cost than anything else on the market, a system lifespan of 30 years—many times longer than traditional batteries—and the ability to shift multiple hours of cooling base load. We believe we are the only viable energy storage solution for facilities that depend on refrigeration, and we're eager to prove it."

Pete Cuneo, the national facility systems manager at the large supermarket chain The Fresh Market said "The refrigeration industry has been trying to solve the problem of ever-increasing refrigeration energy costs for a long time.

"It looks like Axiom Exergy has finally cracked the nut and potentially even solved a bigger problem — low-cost backup cooling. The Refrigeration Battery represents a major advancement in an industry that hasn't changed much in decades."

For more information about Axion Exergy’s Refrigeration Battery visit


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USA:  Emerson Climate Technologies has released its Life Cycle Climate Performance (LCCP) online calculator for supermarket designers and engineers, that helps limit CO2 emissions in supermarkets.

The LCCP calculator is a Web-based tool that allows users to compare different supermarket system architectures with various refrigerants. It calculates annual power, total annual CO2 emissions and peak power, and is also able to provide recommendations to users.

“The LCCP software will be a valuable tool for supermarkets interested in limiting their CO2 footprint and will be able to provide an apples-to-apples comparison on the environmental impact of a given supermarket system,” said Mike Saunders, director, end user technical sales and support, Emerson Climate Technologies.

The configurable tool allows the user to enter operating conditions in which to compare. Multiple system types can be analyzed, including centralized direct expansion, distributed, cascade, secondary and booster CO2. Refrigerant comparison can be made among R404A, R407A, R410A, R134a and CO2.

Click here to access the Life Cycle Climate Performance Energy Tool

About Emerson Climate Technologies

Emerson Climate Technologies, a business segment of Emerson, is the world’s leading provider of heating, air conditioning and refrigeration solutions for residential, industrial and commercial applications. The group combines best-in-class technology with proven engineering, design, distribution, educational and monitoring services to provide customized, integrated climate-control solutions for customers worldwide. 


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INDIA: A businessman has been arrested and remanded in custody following the seizure of 80 tonnes of illegal R22 refrigerant by officials from India’s Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI).

The consignment estimated to be worth Rs1 crore ($159k) was imported from China, crudely disguised as R134A in attempt to fool customs.

Based on a tip off, the DRI raided a container freight station in the northern suburbs of Chennai in Manali and seized the consignment and soon after arrested a businessman who runs a factory on the outskirts of Chennai who had been filling smaller cans with R22 gas and selling it as R134a.

The businessman appeared before the court in Egmore yesterday and was subsequently remanded to judicial custody.

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UK:  Cool-Therm has supplied two low temperature Tonon chillers for a major replacement project at Swindon Hospital.

The project, carried out jointly with Carillion, harnessed the outstanding low temperature performance characteristics of the Italian-made multi-Scroll-based Tonon Galaxy industrial chillers, which operate on a reduced charge of R410A refrigerant.

The units, which can operate down to -8deg C, provide chilled water to the hospital’s catering department. The two Tonon machines each deliver 65kW at -7deg C, and replace ageing chillers rated at 50kW at -2deg C.

Alongside the chiller replacement, Cool-Therm installed bespoke low temperature fan coils in the cold rooms, to take advantage of the lower water temperatures and maintain cold rooms at a lower temperature.

The chillers were selected to deliver improved performance and energy efficiency, and ensure resilience for the critical hospital environment. The cooling system is designed with a N+1 complete backup system. The chillers were replaced over two weekends, with commissioning taking place Christmas week, without the site losing chilled water production.

Each of the Tonon chillers is equipped with three high efficiency Sanyo scrolls, replacing the Bristol hermetic reciprocating compressors on the previous chillers.

“It allowed us to increase cooling capacity by around 30per cent without increasing energy consumption,” says Cool-Therm director Rob Young. “The system also benefits from a greater capacity turn-down, with much smoother temperature control then possible with the original chillers.”

The Tonon machines are extremely quiet and ideal for use in a hospital environment. Each chiller includes high pressure primary pumps, buffer tank and pressurisation equipment within a compact footprint of 3m x 1.2m.


To find out more about Cool-Therm's chiller solutions visit


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INDIA:  Following several years of opposition, India has submitted a formal proposal to amend the Montreal Protocol to phase down the country’s use of HFC refrigerants, seeking a transition period of 15 years so that its domestic industries have enough time to switch over to cleaner technically feasible and economically viable alternatives.

The country's amendment proposal is in tune with Prime Minister Narendra Modi promise to President Obama during his visit to the US last September.

Durwood Zaelke, president of the Washington-based Institute for Governance & Sustainable Development (IGSD) said "Prime Minister Modi is emerging as a leading climate voice on the global stage, and the India HFC proposal is concrete evidence of both his conviction and his sophistication.

"With India emerging as the leader of the HFC phase down, we are moving into position to finish the amendment at the November Meeting of the Parties, and provide a boost to the UN climate negotiations in Paris the following month”.

India, who had previously opposed the idea of phasing down the use of HFCs under the Montreal Protocol, has now in its submission proposed the amendment, saying the country wants to phase-down production and consumption of the HFCs using "expertise and institutions of the Montreal Protocol and continue to include HFCs within the scope of the UNFCCC and its Kyoto Protocol for accounting and reporting of emissions".

Keeping its domestic business interest in mind, India, at the same time, insisted that the phase down of the HFCs depends on "flexibilities in terms of choice of alternative technologies and timeframe for transitioning to safe, technically proven, energy-efficient and economically & commercially viable technologies". 


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AUSTRALIA:  The Australian Institute of Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and Heating (AIRAH) in conjunction with the Queensland Department of Housing and Public Works have published a free online guide that takes in the impacts and strategies for building owners, operators and maintainers relating to the management of the R22 refrigerant phase-out.

The phase-out is being applied via a reduction in allowable imports of R22 into Australia. In 2014, Australia’s import quota was reduced by 75 per cent compared to that of 2013, and this will be followed by a further reduction in 2016 when imports will remain at a stable minimum level until complete phase-out occurs in 2030.

As well as providing comprehensive background material, the Guide also explains the audit and asset management process, the technical options available when retrofitting with drop-in replacements, and long-term refrigerant options using natural, alternative and flammable low-GWP refrigerants.

AIRAH CEO Phil Wilkinson says, “We all need to be informed and prepared, in order to provide system owners with a management plan that exposes them to the least financial risk.

“The continued use of R22 presents a risk to owners or managers of building assets, with the reduced availability pushing up the price of the refrigerant, where available.”

To view or download the free guide click here


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