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USA:  The U.S Navy has agreed to pay an $83,900 penalty in a settlement for violations of the Clean Air Act and the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA).

The EPA alleged that the U.S Navy failed to perform refrigerant leak rate calculations when it serviced air conditioning units at their Naval base in Norfolk Virginia, and therefore violated the Clean Air Act regulations designed to reduce discharges of ozone-depleting substances.

The RCRA violations pertained to regulations that require the safe, environmentally-sound storage and disposal of hazardous waste.

The Navy took prompt action to address the hazardous waste violations, which will help ensure that those wastes are managed properly and has since implemented improved training and recordkeeping to help ensure proper servicing of equipment.

The settlement between the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and U.S. Navy will help reduce potentially harmful discharges of ozone-depleting substances and ensure the safe storage and disposal of hazardous waste at the Naval Station Norfolk in Virginia, where EPA alleges environmental violations occurred. 


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UK:  In a landmark project, two new prestigious office developments at 1 and 2 New Ludgate in the heart of London have been equipped with high efficiency AquaForce chillers with Greenspeed intelligence from Carrier Air Conditioning.

new prestigious office developments at 1 and 2 New Ludgate in the heart of London - See more at:

The installation is the first European application of Carrier’s new 30XAV 950 AquaForce® chiller, equipped with variable speed drive (VSD) inverter-driven screw compressors.

The state-of-the-art chiller delivers excellent part-load efficiency and offers high performance cooling with a compact design, enabling the chillers to be located within restricted space on the rooftop.

Carrier worked closely with the client, consultant and contractor SRW engineering services, to design and build a solution to meet stringent efficiency and noise requirements for the new Land Securities buildings.

Air conditioning for the buildings is supplied by six Carrier 30XAV 950 AquaForce chillers with VSD-controlled screw compressors, alongside three updated Carrier RBM 520 and three Carrier 30RBM  420 AquaSnap chillers with scroll compressors.                                                                                   

Carrier’s new 30XAV 950 AquaForce chiller, equipped with variable speed drive (VSD) inverter-driven screw compressors.Carrier experts overcame a number of site-specific challenges, including a strict noise specification due to the premium nature of the development and its close proximity to residential apartments.

Carrier designed and built a custom package to totally enclose the chillers, further reducing the already low noise performance of the new AquaForce® chiller. This was tested in Carrier’s laboratory at Montluel near Lyon, France, to ensure it met the client’s requirements.

The original design proposed locating the water-cooled chillers in the basement. However, as a result of the compact footprint of the AquaForce chiller, Carrier presented an alternative design that accommodated the chillers on the roof, making basement space available for alternative uses.

The project included a bespoke pump, control and chiller sequencing package.

“The software was programmed in-house and designed to maximise energy efficiency and air conditioning performance, as well as extend the working life of chillers by careful run-time sequencing,” said Danny Lear, specification and solutions manager, Carrier UK. “We were able to carry out full witness testing of working chillers at Carrier’s facility in France, ensuring the solution fully met the specification.”

Following installation, Carrier’s service team will ensure the chillers are maintained at peak performance level under a full maintenance contract.

Lee Pegram, project lead at Land Securities, said: “The exceptional quality developments at 1 and 2 New Ludgate had an equally challenging building services brief. We worked closely with Carrier throughout the process to ensure a successful result. It provides a compelling example of the effectiveness of teamwork and partnership approach in action.”

Andy Farmer, who led delivery of the SRW engineering services contract, said: “Carrier Air Conditioning were advocates of the collaborative approach. They were keen to understand how they could adapt their chillers and software to meet the client’s needs and deliver an even better result. Carrier worked with other contractors to deliver a solution that exceeded expectations by minimising noise levels.”

For more information, contact Danny Lear, Specification and Solutions Manager, Carrier Air Conditioning on Tel 01372 220190, or by email at


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CAMBODIA:  Two repairmen were killed on Saturday after an air conditioner they were fixing exploded at a Thai-owned casino in Pailin province.

The two men who worked for the CTS air conditioner repair company in Phnom Penh, had been called to the Pailin Flamingo Casino Hotel to fix a number of floor-standing air conditioners that had broken down when the explosion occurred.

Both men suffered severe burns, resulting in one man dying at the scene and the other whilst on the way to a hospital in Thailand about an hour later.

Commune police chief Chum Voeun said, “We are not sure of the specific reason for the accident yet, but we have concluded that the explosion was caused by the gas inside the air conditioner.”

Deputy provincial police chief Iev Kimsien, who reportedly blamed the technicians for the accident said, “It was a very strong explosion, like a grenade. All the windows nearby were shattered,” adding “The accident was caused by the carelessness of the workers.”

It was reported that the Pailin Flamingo had however agreed to compensate the victim’s families, who recovered the bodies at the casino on Saturday afternoon.


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GERMANY:  According to WirtschaftsWoche magazine's ranking list, BITZER has again secured a top spot as one of the fastest-growing medium-sized companies in Germany.

The WirtschaftsWoche ranking lists the international market leaders among medium-sized companies in Germany. Bitzer has been ranked 22nd out of 100 companies. The long-standing company based in Sindelfingen is the only manufacturer in the refrigeration compressor industry that managed to secure a place in the ranking.

Peter Schaufler, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of BITZER SE said, "We're delighted to have achieved such a good place in the list of the best medium-sized companies.

"This ranking is a testament to our corporate philosophy. With reliable, high-quality and eco-friendly products, we want to play a key role in the global market and advance the industry technologically as a driver of innovation in the future too."

The ranking was based on the growth figures of the individual companies. BITZER managed to increase its sales last year from €621 million to €657 million and record high growth rates in eco-friendly technologies such as the CO2 compressors. Due to these positive developments, the company created 200 new jobs around the globe and now employs 3,400 people at 42 locations worldwide.

Schaufler added "We're always on the lookout for innovative solutions in terms of products, processes and business models, so that we can maintain our leading edge. Continuity, reliability and hard work are company values that we take seriously - every day and in everything we do."

BITZER invested €25 million in research and development last year and was able to launch innovative products and applications onto the market. One of these was the CRII control system for ECOLINE reciprocating compressors, which is exceptionally reliable and offers a whole new level of flexibility: the range of control for two-, four- and six-cylinder compressors is now between 10 and 100% - tandem compressors can even be reduced to 5% of their full capacity. The heart of the CRII system is the newly designed hollow control piston. The CRII system is available for the entire ECOLINE series of compressors with a capacity range of two to eight cylinders.

About Bitzer

The BITZER Group is the world's largest independent manufacturer of refrigeration compressors with sales companies and production sites for reciprocating, screw, and scroll compressors as well as pressure vessels all over the globe. In 2014, 3,400 employees generated sales of €657 million.


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MIDDLE-EAST & AFRICA:  Daikin has announced the launch of GCC’s first commercialised R32 refrigerant high ambient air conditioning system, an alternative refrigerant to R22 with zero ozone depletion potential and lower global warming impact than R410A refrigerant.

“The unique combination of R32 and inverter technology in the new Daikin air conditioner range offers end-users the opportunity to benefit from class-leading energy efficiencies, with excellent cooling capacity and high indoor climate comfort, while lowering the environmental impact,” said Sana Hamdani, Product Marketing Manager of Daikin Middle East & Africa.

Daikin high-ambient r32 air conditionersDaikin’s wall-mounted cooling only and heat pump air conditioners come in three capacities: 5, 7 and 8.2kWh. By incorporating the best available technologies, these units offer the best nominal and seasonal efficiencies in line with real-life Middle East operating conditions. They can achieve high Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) (Btu/kWh) in cooling of up to 13.3 at T1 conditions (35 °C) and up to 8.6 at T3 conditions (46 °C), exceeding the most stringent regulations of the region and making them the most energy efficient air conditioner of their type in the market.

Adding to that, the tropical compressor is capable of operating fully in extreme weather conditions for at least 52°C and delivering a powerful year-round cooling performance regardless of the outside temperature, up to 1.5 times faster than traditional systems.

In addition, the new units operate at sound levels as low as 32 dBA and have a Titanium Apatite air purification filter to improve air quality by absorbing and decomposing microscopic particles and organisms, while removing odours.

“Daikin is renowned for its pioneering approach to product development, with more than 90 years’ experience in the design and manufacture of air conditioning technologies. As part of its serious commitment towards the environment, Daikin aims at developing systems that improve comfort levels while having low environmental impact. Refrigerant choice is a key factor in the drive to maximise energy efficiency and to minimise the global warming impact of systems,” said Michel Farah, Product Planning Director. 

Daikin Industries is headquartered in Osaka, Japan. Daikin Middle East & Africa promotes and provides aftermarket support for a full range of air conditioning equipment and systems in All GCC, Middle East and Africa.


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INDIA:  UK Refrigeration technology company Adande Refrigeration, has announced plans that it will be looking to launch its refrigerated display cabinets equipped with its Aircell advanced refrigeration technology to the India market early 2016.

China and India appear to be major markets for Adande's future growth strategy, as they already distribute their award winning patented refrigerated drawer system used in a wide variety of foodservice applications in the region.

Adande chairman Nigel Bell, commented, “Currently being tried out in the UK market, our chilled display shelves, the first of its kind, will lead to reduction in energy usage as they are designed for open front refrigeration with multi-deck cabinets as our products are better at handling the multiple power outages since they have the ability to maintain the cool air inside."

Adding "With the help of our manufacturing unit in India, we are able to provide the spare parts quickly and easily.”

How it works

How Adande's unique and patented air flow management system, designed for open front refrigerated multi deck cabinets works

Aircell is a unique and patented air flow management system, designed for open front refrigerated multi deck cabinets.

The technology may be incorporated within new cabinets, retrofitted to existing cabinets or fitted as part of a refurbishment. Aircell divides the merchandising envelope into separate cells between shelves. The smaller cells have a shorter air column and independent management of air movement, resulting in less pressure on the air curtain of each cell and a substantial reduction in cold air spillage.

  • Shorter air column for greater integrity of the air curtain
  • Reduced cold air spillage from the cabinet
  • Less warm air infiltration into the case
  • Improved energy efficiency
  • Elimination of back panel flow, promoting temperature stability and product loading flexibility

Adande recently announced that it is currently leading a £4.2 million project in the UK, in partnership with refrigerated cabinet specialist Bond Group and plastics designer Plas-Tech, to further develop the Aircell technology. The project is backed by a grant of £2.1 million and a loan of £380,000 from the government under its £125 million Advanced Manufacturing Supply Chain Initiative (AMSCI).


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UK:  Capital Cooling, one of the UK’s leading providers of commercial refrigeration equipment and services has commenced work on a 4000 square metre extension to its' Broxburn based head office.

The £1.5m project will see the award winning business more than double the warehousing space available and also facilitate the creation of an all new research and development centre.

The ambitious expansion plans were sparked by the businesses continued market growth and a requirement to hold increased stock levels to satisfy the demand of their customers. At any given time Capital will hold in excess of £2m worth of stock for immediate dispatch around the UK and this new facility will greatly reduce dispatch times for clients.

Alister McLean, Capital Cooling MD, is very proud of the project; “This is a very exciting time for our business and signals the next step towards our goal of being the UK’s number one commercial refrigeration business. Once operational this facility will be one of, if not the very best in the UK and is the perfect statement of intent for where we want the business to head over the coming years.”

Capital Cooling's eco-friendly extension featuring an all new research & development centre

The all new Research & Development centre will enable the Capital team to reduce the development time required for new products and will be home to two environmental test chambers, photo studio and demonstration area.  

In keeping with Capital’s green crendentials the new facility will utilise roof mounted solar panels for power and an advanced LED lighting system will be fitted throughout which will offer significant reductions in energy costs. The lighting within the existing office building has already been converted to LED lighting, a move that has instantly reaped rewards.     

The design and build project is being managed by main contractor CM Steel Buildings, a local family business with more than 15 years’ experience in the industry. With the building scheduled for completion in September the facility will be fully operational in October.

About Capital Cooling

Founded in 1996 by Alister McLean, Capital Cooling is an award winning provider of commercial refrigeration equipment. With more than 80 field based engineers covering the whole of the UK Capital Cooling is one of the UK’s leading providers of reactive and planned service & maintenance.

Capital Cooling was named in the Business Insider SME300 list for 2014

One of the UK’s only “full-service” commercial refrigeration businesses Capital Cooling design, manufacture, store, deliver, install, refurbish and maintain refrigeration, air conditioning and walk-in chillers.  


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UK:  Global technology company Dearman, has today responded to the Supreme Court ruling, which has ordered the government to make clear plans for tackling the UK’s air pollution problem. The ruling follows the UK’s breach of the EU air quality directive, which came into effect in 2010.

Toby Peters, Senior Group Managing Director, Dearman: "This ruling is clearly going to pose challenges for the British Government, but ultimately it must be seen as positive. Air pollution kills thousands of people each year and it's vital that we collectively start to address the challenge. With the right technologies, it is possible to make a significant impact on air quality, without penalising businesses or individuals.

“In particular, this ruling is positive for companies like ours that are developing economically viable zero-emission alternatives to unregulated, polluting auxiliary diesel engines. If the Government grasps this opportunity and puts the right regulations and incentives in place, then we could see a whole new clean technology industry flourish. In time, that industry could establish thousands of new jobs, generate millions of pounds of exports, as well as help clean up the air we breathe."

The Client Earth air quality case ruling could prove hugely exciting for companies like Dearman who present near-market solutions that will enable commercial operators to diversify and cleanup their refrigerated fleets without economic compromise.

Dearman’s zero-emission technology is an alternative to diesel-fuelled transport refrigeration, which is disproportionately polluting and contributes to poor air quality. Replacing 13,000 trailers' diesel refrigeration units with zero-emission systems would prevent 1,800 tonnes of nitrogen oxides from being emitted – equivalent to taking 1.2 million modern diesel cars off the road.

The World Health Organisation found in a report published this week that air pollution costs the European Region US$1.6 trillion per year.

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USA:  A white paper, produced by EOS Climate, has found that if 30% of HFC refrigerants reclaimed for re-use by 2040, approximately 18 billion metric tons carbon dioxide (CO2) equivalent would be prevented from reaching the atmosphere over the next 25 years

The white paper was released during the Navigating the American Carbon World conference, a forum for discussing climate policy and greenhouse gas markets, taking place April 28-30 in Los Angeles, California.

Jeff Cohen, co-founder of EOS Climate and white paper co-author, said: “Even with a global agreement to phase down production of HFCs and regulations that promote low-GWP technology in new equipment, refrigerants already produced will continue to leak powerful greenhouse gases into the atmosphere over the next several decades.

"With relatively small changes in practices and little if any additional cost, HFC refrigerants can be recovered, reclaimed and re-used, potentially avoiding emissions equivalent to billions of tons of CO2 between now and 2040—a critical window to address climate change.”

Joe Madden, co-founder of EOS Climate and white paper co-author, said: “If left unchecked, HFC refrigerants will continue on the path as the world’s fastest growing greenhouse gas.

“The simplest and most cost-effective way to address this problem is through recycling. However, until HFC refrigerants are tracked from production to reuse in the supply chain, and metrics are established that incentivize their re-use, the likelihood of voluntary recycling will remain low. Now is the time to act,” 

For a copy of “Recycling HFC Refrigerants Delivers Immediate, Cost-Effective Climate Protection” visit:


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UK:  A new report by the global technology company Dearman, estimates that the continuing global rise in urban population as well as demographic changes in developing countries will lead to increased demand for refrigerated transport on our roads and could have devastating effects on the environment unless new technologies are adopted.

The report ‘Cold chains and the demographic dividend’ says that while there were less than three million refrigerated vehicles on the world’s roads in 2013, this number could reach between 15 to 18 million by 2025, and should the trend in conventional diesel-powered transport refrigeration units persist, this increase could see a rise in carbon dioxide emissions of up to 740 million tonnes each year.

The rapid expansion in cold transportation is double previous estimates and is said to reflect the growth of more affluent lifestyles amongst increasingly wealthy, urbanised populations in countries such as India and China.

Toby Peters, Senior Group Managing Director, Dearman

Global rise in urban population as well as demographic changes in developing countries will lead to increased demand for refrigerated transport on our roads and could have devastating effects on the environment Discussing the report, Toby Peters, Senior Group Managing Director, Dearman said, “Our report demonstrates that the industry could experience extremely rapid growth and we must be prepared.

"If we aren’t, and if we allow growth to happen using yesterday’s technology rather than tomorrow’s, then the air quality and climate change implications would be very significant and extremely damaging.”   

Dearman is therefore calling for more research into the development of alternative systems – such as its own Dearman engine technology which provides high efficiency, zero-emission transport refrigeration units.

Michael Ayres, Group Managing Director, DearmanMichael Ayres, Group Managing Director, Dearman remarked, "This report clearly indicates that there is a growing global challenge, in terms of the potential environmental effects of a booming transport refrigeration market.

"What is exciting for the industry, however, is that there are near-term solutions that would dramatically lessen the impact of the cold chain, while enabling operators to diversify their growing fleets.

"Dearman technology offers refrigerated truck operators a sustainable and, above all, economically viable solution. The system could provide the operator with payback in just under a year. With the Dearman zero-emission transport refrigeration unit going into commercial field trials later this year, we're excited about its prospects and what that could mean to this rapidly evolving industry."

This report follows recent studies by the IMechE (A Tank of Cold: Cleantech Leapfrog to a More Food Secure World) and the Carbon Trust (The emerging Cold Economy), which also identify the rapidly growing future demand for cooling, along with the opportunity to establish a new industry to provide alternative clean cold technologies. 

You can download a copy of the report Cold chains and the demographic dividend here

To find out more about how the Dearman transport refrigeration system works click here

About Dearman 

Dearman is a global technology company delivering clean ‘cold and power’. 

Dearman’s cutting-edge technology uniquely harnesses liquid air to deliver zero-emission power and cooling. It is developing a portfolio of proprietary technologies, products and services, which deliver significant reductions in operating cost, fuel usage and emissions, at low capital cost. 

The first application of Dearman technology, to provide sustainable and efficient zero-emission transport refrigeration, is currently undergoing trials at UK engineering and test centre, MIRA. 

The company is building an international reputation for innovation, rigour, commercial acumen and engineering excellence, all to fulfil its primary objective – to make the world a cleaner, cooler place.


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