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UK:  Clean cold technology company Dearman, has been awarded grant funding from Innovate UK to develop a wider range of customised applications of its ground-breaking, zero-emission transport refrigeration system.

The grant will support the modelling, testing and validation of a range of new applications of Dearman’s liquid nitrogen-powered transport refrigeration system. This will enable Dearman to meet diverse customer needs and offer a wider product range, making its technology applicable to a broader range of fleets’ duty cycles and vehicle types. These could include servicing vehicles with multiple compartments, each requiring different temperatures, or even altering the location of the system on the vehicle to suit the customer’s fleet.

The Dearman transport refrigeration system utilises a Dearman engine, which is powered by the expansion of liquid nitrogen, to deliver efficient zero-emission power and cooling. As well as having a positive environmental impact, the Dearman system presents a strong business case to operators, offering repayment on capital investment within a year.

Dearman’s transport refrigeration system is currently undergoing successful on-vehicle trials at MIRA, the first commercial field trial will commence later this year and extended field trials will begin in a number of markets in early 2016.

Discussing the award, Nick Owen, Chief Technology Officer, Dearman, said: “This funding gives us the opportunity to develop an expanded product range and to meet the needs of an ever greater range of customers. It also enables us to break new ground with our already innovative technology and demonstrate its capabilities in a range of configurations.

“Dearman’s cutting-edge technology is on track to deliver significant reductions in emissions and air pollution, as well as significant cost savings for operators. This grant will enable us to maximise the positive impact Dearman and our technology can have by reaching an even greater range of customers around the world.”

Providing a diverse range of products will enable Dearman to tailor its zero-emission technology to meet the specific needs of different customers, depending on the requirements of their temperature-controlled logistics operations. Enabling a broader range of customers to adopt Dearman’s zero-emission technology will mean an even more significant CO2 and emissions reduction.

This Smart Grant funding follows the announcement of successful Innovate UK funding bids earlier this year, which support further clean cold technology applications under development with Dearman: to develop a zero-emission auxiliary engine for refrigerated trucks and air-conditioned buses; and to explore the use of ‘waste cold’ from liquefied natural gas. 

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HONG KONG:  The Hong Kong Government has been severely criticised for failing to regulate the use of flammable refrigerants in air conditioning systems.

The criticism has come following an investigation by the Ombudsman's Office into an incident that occurred when an air conditioning unit that was being worked on at the time exploded, resulting in a fireball that riped through a crowded restaurant in Ma On Shan in 2013, injuring 21 people, one critically.

In a statement on the Hong Kong news network RTHK, Ombudsman Connie Lau said that she found it highly undesirable that there is no single government department overseeing the problem of flammable refrigerants.

She went on to say that due to a loophole in legislation, flammable refrigerants are not covered by regulations and should be classified as LPG and fall under EMSD legislation so the department has the legal rights to regulate the usage of refrigerants in air conditioners.

Despite the explosion two remaining air conditioners were said to be still operating with flammable refrigerants at the Ma On Shan restaurant.


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UK:  Following the approval of the new Apprenticeship standard for the Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and Heat Pump (RACHP) Engineering Technician by the Department for Business Innovation and Skills (BIS) earlier this year, the employers group with the support of the Institute of Refrigeration (IOR) and the Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Industry Board (ACRIB) is now working on the next stage of development of the RACHP Apprenticeship.  

Under the new Government standards, apprenticeships have to be supported with an Assessment Plan which outlines the principles for things like independent assessment of Apprentices at the end of their programme; quality assurance measures; examination methods; mandatory qualifications; the role of Training Organisations and Awarding Organisations.

The following diagram publshed on the Institute of Refrigeration website shows how the Assessment Plan for this Apprenticeship is developing (note this is only a draft and has not been approved or finalised as yet).  

RACHP Engineering Technician Apprenticeship - Proposed Assessment PrinciplesRACHP Engineering Technician Apprenticeship - Proposed Assessment Principles

RACHP Engineering Technician Apprenticeship - Required knowledge, skills, behavioursRACHP Engineering Technician Apprenticeship - End point assessment

Once the Plan is finalised and approved by Government, the next stage will be for funding to be approved and then Awarding Organisations and Training Organisations can register to deliver the Apprenticeship. There will be a lot more work around providing supporting workbooks, frameworks for gathering workplace evidence, guidance for employers, mapping evidence to Engineering Council standards; setting up independent Assessment Panels and End Test arrangements. Awarding organisations will also be able to develop qualifications to support the delivery of the standard, in association with industry.

Anyone wishing to be involved in the on going development process and consultations should contact the IOR here.

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UK:  Malvern-based Young Air Conditioning has installed the first Daikin air conditioning system in the UK which operates on R32 refrigerant. 

The Daikin D1 approved installer, installed the Daikin Emura award-winning climate control system using the highly energy efficient refrigerant to reduce the carbon footprint as part of a barn conversion in Worcestershire. 

Speaking about the installation Wayne Young said, “We choose to use R32 refrigerant gas for the installation as we believe that its environmental and high energy efficiency properties are the way forward for the industry. With no real difference to the R410a installation process, installing the Daikin Emura with R32 gas was simple and straightforward, providing only benefits for the end user.” 

Ideal for homes and offices, the Emura has an operating range from  -10 to 46°CDB for cooling and -15 to 20°CDB for heating, providing the ultimate in indoor climate control. The forward thinking system has sensors so it can deflect airflow from the direction of people within a room, as well as detecting when a room is empty to alter its settings accordingly, ensuring energy efficiency at all times. 

Graham Wright, Legislation Specialist at Daikin UK said: “We’re proud to have worked with Young Air Conditioning to install the first R32 system in the UK.  Combining the innovative and intelligent Daikin Emura with the environmentally friendly and energy efficient qualities of R32 reflects the evolution of the air conditioning industry. As a forward thinking manufacturer currently phasing in R32 gas, we were on hand throughout the installation to provide advice on how to correctly and safely use the new refrigerant gas.” 

As part of the European phase-down of hydro-fluorocarbons, refrigerant gases are now rated on their Global Warming Potential (GWP). With an aim to lower the potential impact of refrigerant gases on global temperature, the HVAC industry, led by Daikin UK, is moving toward using R32 on smaller split units. As well as R32 having a GWP rating of 675, one third of R410a, meaning R32 will have a much lower environmental impact, the gas is also significantly more energy efficient. 

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EUROPE:  Swedish refrigeration technology group, Beijer Ref AB, has announced the opening of SCM REF France, based in Lyon.

SCM REF France will focus exclusively on the manufacture and sales of condensing units and compressor packs including technical support and competitive solutions to Beijer Ref's wholesale arm across southern Europe.

In 2014 Beijer Ref made the strategic decision to create an OEM division offering in house product support to its wholesale operations. The decision coincided with the acquisition of the remaining forty nine percent shares of the Italian plant manufacturer SCM Frigo, who are well established in the design and manufacture of eco-friendly carbon-dioxide refrigeration plant solutions.

The addition of SCM REF France to the group both complements and builds on the strengths of the already established manufacturing facilities in Italy and Sweden.

Beijer Ref has also announced it intends to extend the model into other key geographic areas.


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UK:  The institute of Refrigeration along with industry experts have embarked on an 18-month tour of training facilities across the country to see if today’s learning is compatible with the rapidly changing industry and highlight to students how refrigeration is one of the least understood but fastest growing industries in the world. 

Their latest stop has taken them to Bath College were they consulted with more than 20 refrigeration and air conditioning students on how more school-leavers could be encouraged to study the subject or enter the industry as apprentices.

The students put forward ideas on the Institute’s proposals to nationally standardise refrigeration training so that it better connects to the wide-range of job opportunities.

New website for young learners to coming soonMiriam Rodway, secretary of the Institute of Refrigeration, said she was thankful for the input from students and staff at Bath College. 

She said: “It’s not a very well-known industry and we are working hard to try to overcome this.

“There are 30,000 engineers in the UK, they are responsible for 10 per cent of all electricity nationally and it’s an industry that is rapidly growing.

“The engineers play crucial roles keeping businesses open but they often work quietly in the background.

 “It leaves the majority of people thinking refrigeration is about nothing more than the fridges in people’s kitchens, when in fact, it’s about so much more. 

“We want to get the message out there that there’s a huge demand for expertise in the refrigeration industry and so many opportunities for engineers.”

Miriam added: “We want to work with Colleges to help develop the careers of students and show them how they can move forward as there are so opportunities to pursue. We’re saying to them: ‘stick with it and you’ll reap the benefits.’” 

Refrigeration Lecturer Simon Robinson said, “It was great for the students to meet so many industry experts and very interesting to see how the Institute wants to link education to the future of the industry. 

“It’s important to raise the profile of refrigeration in order to attract more young people as the engineers of the future. 

“Most people come into refrigeration through working in the building services as they don’t know enough about it when they are at school. They just think of fridges rather than the large-scale industrial side of the job. 

“It’s such a specialist subject area, we want to help people, especially school-leavers, understand what the industry is all about.” 


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UK:  Toshiba Air Conditioning has revealed plans to double sales by 2020, as part of a five year growth strategy.

It follows five years of double-digit growth by Toshiba, despite challenging market conditions. The company is supporting the initiative with the introduction of new products, increased stocking levels, new appointments, a major expansion in production capacity, and the roll out of a global training initiative.

The company is dramatically increasing stocking capacity at its Plymouth facility with an extension and addition of a further 44,000sq ft of racking space in phase 1, ensuring immediate product availability across its most popular ranges of Toshiba split and VRF air conditioning.

On the research and development front, the Toshiba factories are employing some 350 additional design engineers, to enable the company to fast-track the development and introduction of innovative new air conditioning technologies.

Work is already under way on a major extension to the state-of-the-art Toshiba Thailand factory, including expansion of its world-class research and development facilities, due for completion later this year.

It will include the creation of a new global Technical Training Centre, with capacity to train 150 delegates simultaneously, equipped with Toshiba’s full range of air conditioning and control technology.

The planned growth is supported by the recent creation of the Building and Industrial System (BIS) group within United Technologies, bringing together Toshiba Air Conditioning, Carrier Air Conditioning, Chubb security and fire systems and Otis, the lift specialists.

David Dunn, General Manager of Toshiba Air Conditioning UK, said: “It is obviously a challenging target, particularly given that the base year for the growth target is 2014, which was a very strong year for Toshiba. However, I am confident that the strategy we are pursuing is right, and that we have the plans in place to deliver.

“It will require significant investment across the business, in new products, manufacturing facilities and logistics. But this is now in place and we are well on the way to creating the new infrastructure required.”

He added: “A key element, as ever, will be people. As well as growing our own people from within to take on new roles and responsibilities as the organization expands, we will be looking to recruit the best talent to join the successful Toshiba team.

“There are many opportunities to serve our customers better, and provide solutions to problems the market has so far failed to grasp. It is an exciting time to be in the air conditioning industry, and even more exciting to be part of Toshiba.”


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UK:  Leading FM provider Arcus Solutions Ltd have opened the doors to its new technical Academy in the londoneast-uk Business and Technology Park in Dagenham. The Academy launch on Wednesday 13th May was attended by local councillors and representatives from local colleges and businesses and marks the beginning of an exciting and innovative new period for Arcus.

Working in partnership with Havering College, Arcus Solutions Ltd will offer apprenticeships to local students developing them into the engineers of tomorrow and keeping talent within the East London area. Alongside the apprenticeships, Arcus Solutions Ltd will operate courses to upskill existing engineers on new systems and new innovations and will train and develop approximately 100 people during the first year.

The Academy's practical refrigeration training workshopThe state of the art training facility is made up of two specialist workshops for Mechanical and Electrical Engineering and Refrigeration, and utilises decommissioned equipment salvaged from Sainsbury’s stores.

The additional conference and training room facilities allow for theoretical training to accompany the practical training carried out in the workshops. 

Steve Willis, Managing Director of Arcus Solutions, said “Our colleagues really are what makes a difference to the service we provide to our customers. We see our investment in the Technical Academy as a vital long-term strategy for developing high quality engineers”.

The recent release of unemployment figures show that unemployment in the Dagenham area is 3.3% and remains higher than the London average of 2.7%. As a local business providing specialist services, Arcus Solutions Ltd are committed to building and securing talent in the local area to build for a successful future. 

The regeneration of the building on the old Sanofi site in East London will ensure local courses for local people wanting to start a career in the engineering and facilities management sector. 


Arcus Solutions are recruiting, offering great career opportunities with great rewards Find out more about a career in refrigeration at Arcus Solutions

UK:  Three men who were caught red-handed unloading more than three million illegal cigarettes hidden in air conditioning units in Brandon, Suffolk have been jailed for more than 11 years.

The Thetford-based gang, who were under surveillance by HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) investigators, were arrested as they smuggled 3,300,180 cigarettes worth approximately £741,064 at industrial units at Brandon Business Centre.

Arnoldas Gefel, 27, and Tomas Mazilius, 35, were arrested at the industrial estate. A third man Mantas Vasylius, 28, was arrested at home.

Paul Barton, assistant director at HMRC, said: “This gang were caught taking delivery of millions of smuggled cigarettes which they wrongly thought were well hidden inside air conditioning units.

“Not only does this type of criminal activity harm the livelihoods of honest shopkeepers but it is estimated to cost the UK economy £2 billion a year in much needed revenue that should be funding public services.”

Shop owner Manta Vasylius, of Peter Drive, Thetford, was charged with the fraudulent evasion of excise duty and jailed for five years. Shop assistant Arnoldas Gefel, also from Thetford, was given three years and four months.

Tomas Maziulis from Leicester was jailed for three years and two months.

The men were sentenced on Monday at Ipswich Crown Court.


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UK:  Leading refrigeration and air conditioning wholesaler Dean & Wood has launched their long awaited new look e-commerce website.

The new look mobile-friendly site offers technical assistance, with product PDFs, user manuals and product specifications available to download alongside a technical support team available when you need them. 

The new site allows customers to create their own personal login and control user accessibility within their company and give permissions to users for placing orders and seeing cost prices.

Account holders can also determine who can order, place limits on ordering amounts or simply require approval beforehand. With your logon you're able to see your own trade discounted prices, check stock availability across the Dean & Wood branch network, discover lead times, download PDFs and place orders that are dealt with and processed by their branch staff, ensuring all orders are dealt with to a high service standard.

For further information on shopping online with Dean & Wood you can contact your local branch or sales engineer who'll be able to demonstrate, assist and help with any of your needs or users.

To view the new look website visit or you can register to shop online here.


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