Unlocking pent-up air conditioning demand

Unlocking pent-up air conditioning demand

Air conditioning sales to small end users ‘set to grow’, as prices of premium splits fall.

The launch of compact premium air conditioning systems at lower prices is set to stimulate a surge in sales to small shops, restaurants, dental surgeries, offices and home workers, according to leading supplier Cool Designs.

The Toshiba distributor believes there is significant pent up demand from this sector, driven by the growth in air conditioning in cars and shopping centres, and the growing appetite for comfort at work and at home.

Darrel Birkett, managing director of CDL, said: “We believe the introduction of premium, fully specified compact air conditioning systems at new low prices will unlock demand from small end users, and could open up additional opportunities in the residential market.

“We are gearing up to meet this with investment in stock, focusing in particular on Toshiba’s new Mirai range of luxury compact systems, which offers sophisticated features and design at an unprecedented low price.”

Mirai units are equipped with advanced technical features such as dustless operation, due to a special coating on the cooling coil, a larger heating capacity and exceptionally quiet operation due to a 13per cent increase in fan size.

The wall-mounted splits are available in capacities from 1.5 to 4.5kW, and CDL will offer the systems on R32 and R410A. The company anticipates that initial sales will focus on R410A, with R32 coming to the fore in the months to come as end users learn more about its environmental benefits.

Darrel Birkett says: “Due to the competitive pricing, Mirai will give installers an important edge when pitching for small commercial projects where expectations of performance and quality are high, but budgets are tight. This is increasingly the reality on many projects today. Given Toshiba’s brand quality, and the fact that we will be offering a seven year warranty, we believe this could be decisive in such tender situations.”

As interest in R32 grows, CDL will add training in handling the refrigerant to its programme of courses, to ensure installers are informed about the differences and the procedures that should be taken.

For more details, contact Darrel Birkett on 0191 549 6964 or email

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