Güntner release Refrigeration Engineering App update

Güntner release Refrigeration Engineering App update

The software has been updated to the latest Apple system IOS 7 and for Android tablets, the programming has been optimised to achieve a better presentation and simpler handling of the functions. 

Various languages

As well as German and English, now French, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Hindi and Indonesian languages are also available on the app.

Unique material recommendations

After numerous tests and laboratory analyses, Güntner have published recommendations for material combinations for components depending on the planned application. This unique information overview, much sought-after for years, is now an implemented app function. It lets you check the ambient conditions for a suitable unit design at any time.

Refrigerant slide

The app function "Slide" displays the pressure-temperature correlation for more than a dozen of the most commonly used refrigerants. These include refrigerants that are relevant today such as 245fa. Users enter a specific temperature as required and the refrigerant slide shows the corresponding gauge pressure in bar.

The refrigerant-specific ODP (Ozone Depletion Potential) and GWP (Global Warming Potential) values are also shown.

"Converter" for easy conversion

A total of 18 refrigerating variables such as pressure, temperature, volume and mass flow density, can be converted into every unit globally used and then displayed. As a result, users will always find a common basis for measurements – regardless of where in the world a construction site happens to be.

"Service Documents" – a complete collection of documents

The "Service Documents" function provides you with documents for all the Güntner lines of business and units. Documents are first sorted regionally. This is done automatically depending on the basic mobile phone or location settings. Users can then select the required documents according to the sorted languages and units. From info brochures to operating instructions, information is just a click away. This is particularly useful for service technicians and others who might want to take a glance at the unit’s operating instructions on site.

Contact information immediately available

The "Contacts" function offers an overview of all the Güntner field representatives. All stated contact data are active, meaning users can plan their route from their current location on the basis of the address, they can call/e-mail a contact directly, share information with others or add the details to their own list of contacts.

The contact information also includes details for the Service and Spare Parts departments. As a result, you will always reach the right contact person.

Communication in both directions

A feedback function allows you to directly contact the app contact person at Güntner in case you have questions or suggestions in terms of other or improved functions.

You can download the Gunter App for your device here. 

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