Espar's Cube bring Air Conditioning to leisure boats

Espar's Cube bring Air Conditioning to leisure boats

UK:  The number of smaller leisure boats being fitted with Air Conditioning is significantly growing paving the way for companies like Espar to bring new portable air conditioning units to the market.

With normal air conditioing systems being an expensive option Espar has developed a stand alone portable cube for use on small leisure boats.

Available in 12 and 24V, the Cube is a portable unit and with no installation needed, can easily be moved or taken on and off vessels as required.

Warm exhaust air can be vented through an open window and the fan is also powerful enough to keep air circulating inside a cabin.

The cube not only keeps the boat cool it also contributes towards dehumidifying the interior in cooler conditions.

“Portable air conditioning works very well in many applications,” said Espar’s Tim Fleckney. “It’s very suitable for use in vessels which may have for example a glass wheelhouse and no proper provision for keeping the area cool.

“It can be easily put in a convenient space and connected to the boat’s power supply.”

About Espar: Espar is part of the Eberspächer Group. Espar Heater Systems has the most comprehensive range of independent and compact fuel operated air and coolant heater products available in today's marketplace. Offering close attention to detail and technical design, Espar leads the industry in Excellence in Supporting Product Applications and Reliability. Espar supplies these auxiliary gas/diesel-fired heaters to the truck, bus, marine, automotive/pick-ups, off-highway, cargo and military markets.


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