Environmentally-friendly condenser cleaning from CoilPod

Environmentally-friendly condenser cleaning from CoilPod

USA:  Now we've all been there. Called out to a busy bar and restaurant, kitchen or sales floor only to discover that a plug-in (integral) fridge has broken down due to a blocked condenser coil. You advise the client that you need clean the coil and blow out the condenser with nitrogen but it's going to make a bit of a mess. Not ideal when working in a busy food preparation environment, and I'm sure that you've been told many a time to come back when we're not busy.

It's also well known that frequent maintenance of condensers on commercial plug-in (integral) fridge-freezer appliances can result in up to 50% savings in running costs, as well as prolonging the life of compressors.

Now U.S. Company COILPOD has come up with a unique, yet simple solution for engineers to carry out task of cleaning self-contained condenser coils in both a mess-free and environmentally-friendly way.

How it works

The CoilPod transparent bag, which measures 28in wide x 13in deep x 18in high, slips over the coil structure creating a dust seal. A standard wet/dry vacuum can then be used to remove debris from the coils through two ports in the bag’s surface. The bag entraps the removed debris during the cleaning operation protecting the environment outside the bag from undesired contamination.

Watch CoilPod in action

For further information on the CoilPod dust free containment bag, contact Richard Fennelly at

To order visit the CoilPod online store here


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