ManTooth Wireless Digital Manifold

ManTooth Wireless Digital Manifold

The YELLOW JACKET® ManTooth™ app receives live HVAC/R pressure and temperature readings from one or more ManTooth™ PT Modules (hardware purchase required) through wireless Bluetooth® connections. The pressure and temperature readings are displayed, along with key system analysis data, in an easy to read format with screenshot sharing capability.


Besides displaying live pressure and temperature readings, the app tracks MIN/AVG/MAX pressure statistics, displays vapor and liquid saturation temperatures, calculates superheat and subcooling, calculates target superheat, and allows the user to enter and display a target subcooling value.


Converts pressure and temperature readings to your favorite units of measure, corrects for your elevation using GPS, and can be used with any one of 98 refrigerant profiles built into the app.


Enter information about each job location and each piece of equipment at that location. Screenshots taken on the job will be stored by location and equipment with a date and time stamp for each.


Share your screenshots with others by email, adding other information or attachments as needed.

iPhone Screenshots

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