Danfoss FittersApp Troubleshooter

Danfoss FittersApp Troubleshooter

Based on the popular and informative Fitters Notes Danfoss has now released the Trouble Shooter Guide as an App called "FittersApp".

Available to download as part of the Danfoss KoolApp the “FittersApp” gives you instant access to Danfoss’ years of accumulated knowledge of refrigeration applications and their function aiding you in your day to day work servicing your customers systems.

When starting up the App the user will be presented with a refrigeration system that is divided in to four main areas; Evaporator, Compressor, Condenser and line components. The user selects the area in which they are interested. This will take them on to the “Symptoms” page where they will be able to search for the symptoms being exhibited by the system. Once the correct symptom has been identified it can be selected and expanded to reveal the possible causes of this symptom.

The user should then select what they believe to be the relevant cause and will be taken to the “Remedy” page where they will be informed of the procedures required to correct the exact symptom/cause. It is easy to move back and forward between the symptom/cause and remedy pages should they need to try other solutions.

The “FittersApp” has been designed so that the entire database is available at all times, so if the user is in an area where they are unable to get a signal for their mobile device the full functionality of the App is always available.