Daikin Online Controller

Daikin Online Controller

In November 2014 Daikin released their Online Controller app that allows the operator to control a Daikin Split air conditioning system from their mobile phone or tablet computer.

The majority of the functions available on the remote control supplied with the Daikin Split system are available on the Online Controller App.

The functions available include:

  • On / Off function
  • Temperature control
  • Mode settings: heating, cooling, auto (climate control), fan only or dehumidifier modes
  • Alter Air flow direction left/right and up/down
  • Alter Air flow rate low/high
  • 7 day timer
  • LED lights, with turn off functionality

List of compatible Daikin Air Conditioning systems Model Numbers that the Wi-Fi online controller will work with:

Emura FTXG20
Emura FTXG25
Emura FTXG35
Emura FTXG50
Wall – High (Multi) CTXS 15 K
Wall – High FTXS 20K
Wall – High FTXS 25K
Wall – High FTXS 35K
Wall – High FTXS 42K
Wall – High FTXS 50K
Wall – High FTXS 60G
Wall – High FTXS 71G
Wall – Low FTX 20JV
Wall – Low FTX 25JV
Wall – Low FTX 35JV
Wall – Low FTX 50GV
Wall – Low FTX 60GV
Wall – Low FTX 71GV
Wall – Siesta ATX 25JV
Wall – Siesta ATX 35JV
Nexura Floor FVXG 25K
Nexura Floor FVXG 35K
Nexura Floor FVXG 50K
Floor FVXS 25F
Floor FVXS 35F
Floor FVXS 50F
Flexi FLXS 25B(9)
Flexi FLXS 35B(9)
Flexi FLXS 50B(9)

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