The New Coolator app from Danfoss has been developed for refrigeration professionals and includes several practical tools for use in the daily work with refrigeration plants. 

The unit converter is especially aimed at the refrigeration sector and includes the most used units and quantities. The conversion works two ways, which means that you can either enter the value to be converted or the intended result. The line calculation calculates flow values in either liquid or gas lines for various refrigerants and the result is displayed as velocity, volume flow and mass flow.

How to use

Unit conversion: 

  • Select the quantity type, e.g. Velocity, Length etc. that you want units to be converted between.
  • Select the source or original unit, e.g. m. Then select the target unit, e.g. in.
  • Now enter the source value, e.g. 15 (m) and the target unit 590.6 (in) is displayed immediately.
  • If you change the target value, the source value will instantly change.

Line calculation:

  • Select the line type, liquid or gas, and then select type of refrigerant.
  • Select the pipe dimension.
  • Enter the pipe length, the cooling capacity, inlet pressure (the pressure at the beginning of the pipe in question), and the temperature (at the beginning of the pipe in question).
  • Click Calculate and you will see the results.

iPhone Screenshots