Brass Monkey Engineers Wizard

Brass Monkey Engineers Wizard

A collection of useful settings and messages for supermarket refrigeration engineers - new family-friendly version

All the Danfoss AK550 "u" menu items listed and explained, EKC326 ICMT controller menus and settings.

Advansor and SCM Frigo pack DI alarms listed and explained.

All the set points for every CO2 case in use in Sainsbury's. EKC531b Pack Controller explained plus all Tesco Settings. EKC 514b case controller, EKC367 and KVQ valve, plus lots more

New data on Green & Cool is incomplete and the Danfoss AK781/741 guide is not included. Hopefully there will be an update in a few weeks with all the changes complete.

Review - 17/07/2014

The program available for Android devices only was reviewed and did not take long to go through as it is a small app with basic information mainly geared around one end-users controller and specifically we feel CO2 installations.

This being so limits its attractiveness to engineers working on other end-users sites of which there are many as well as a vast array of control systems. It is as mentioned easy to use as a simple reference tool should an engineer be stuck in the middle of the night without the required information to hand.

However, most end-users have their own compendium of settings which although still not totally 100% correct are the documents to be used as settings could be updated from time to time and regular audits of these settings are conducted. Additionally manufacturers of controls and fixtures regularly update their information. This app does not indicate what release date the information given applies to and how up to date the settings are, but to be fair it does not appear that the author set out to produce such an app and this needs to be taken in this context.

It should be relied upon as a get you out of trouble app but use of it as a specific reference tool should be taken with care especially if not endorsed or sanctioned by manufacturers or end users.

There is an opportunity if taken correctly to produce a one stop reference library / App for all control settings for refrigeration controllers and fixtures of varying types but this can only be achieved with the sanction of the end users and manufacturers and would need to be stringently checked and verified with them not only to the correctness of the information but as with release dates being released up dated and old information removed when necessary.

Most if not all this information is available with searching or requests for information, such an app takes the hassle out of searching for this information and keeps in one central library.   

Conclusion, a very basic application with general information geared specifically to certain controllers for one end-user. Use with caution and always cross reference settings with manufacturers and end users current specification. A get you out of trouble app......................that only covers a small section of controllers most commonly in use today.